School News

Marni Naa Pudni

Welcome to 2021

I extend a warm welcome to our entire LNPS community as we embark on the 2021 school year. This is a school which focusses on developing positive relationships between families and staff, and I know that we can work together to provide opportunities for your child/ren to enjoy growth and success in their learning. 


As a school with a relentless focus on continuous improvement, we are always reviewing our approaches. We value feedback and believe it is a crucial component, so please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns or ideas that can improve what we do. If you do see where we can improve please make the time and come in and catch up for a chat or give me a call. If you see where we are going really well, spread the word to everyone and celebrate your child’s successes. We are all in this together. 


We are also very pleased to welcome 71 new children and their families to our school. Students have joined us from around the world, throughout Australia, from within our state and from across Adelaide. We feel confident that you too will soon feel like a part of this great school community at LNPS. 


​We currently have enrolled 487 students and have 18 classes. We have again invested in additional salaries to support student learning from our school budget. These are in the area of extension programs, intervention programs and support programs.


At LNPS we have a program for the first two weeks of school called ‘Getting Off To A Great Start’. This program has an emphasis on the 5 Keys to Success from Program Achieve; which are organisation, resilience, confidence, persistence and getting along, and our school values​. 


The focus is on establishing a positive learning culture with consistent expectations within the classroom, and creating safe conditions for rigorous learning. Effective learning comes when effective working relationships between students and teachers and between the students in the class are established. This is an intensive program run in the first few weeks of the year and some aspects continue during the second week of Term 1.​


Who Can I Talk To?

Throughout schooling, students will experience a range of experiences, hopefully many more positive than negative. Parents and students sometimes need a staff member to talk to who can support and assist them in their daily life at school and often at home. At LNPS we have a great group of staff who can assist you and your child/ren. 


Your child's classroom teacher is the first point of contact for you and please feel free to contact them if you have any concerns or questions you wish to raise. Leadership are also available to support as needed. 

  We are here to help!


Staffing News

Joanne Wegner (M3) is on leave for the first 4 weeks and Kathy Kite (M1) from weekS 5 to 8. Ashleigh Bruorton will be replacing Joanne and Kathy and team teaching with Sarah Kroemer and Maddy Hicks. Ashleigh was a preservice Teacher at LNPS in 2020 and has a great understanding of our approach to teaching and learning. Welcome Ash. 




I am really looking forward to the 2021 school year and working in partnership with families, students and staff to collectively shape the next stage of our school’s development.