Parents & Friends

The Parents & Friends Committee are running a pie drive this term. Pies are being supplied by North End Bakehouse, Shepparton. We have created an order form on Qkr! to simplify the order process.

If you wish to order multiple quanities of multiple items, you will need to add each item (and its quantity) to the cart separately. You can then check out and pay for items in bulk.

Orders are available now and final day for sales in Wednesday 26th July at 1pm. Delivery will be Friday 4th August.


Paper copies have now been sent home with your child/ren. We ask families to please complete the form and return to the office with payments via the QKR app.


A list of items available are detailed below:

Family Plain Pie$12.30
Family Cheese & Bacon$13.30
Family Bolognese$13.30
Family Chicken$13.30
Family Bushman$13.30
Family Potato$13.30
Family Apple Pie$15.00
4 Pack Plain Lunch Pie$18.80
4 Pack Pastie$18.80
4 Pack Sausage Roll$14.80

6 Pack Mixed Cakes & Slices

Includes: 1x Hedgehog, 1x Lemon, 1x Peppermint,

1x Caramel, 1x Choc Mud, 1x Pink Lamington

4 Pack Vanilla Slice$16.80