Acting Principal

Mr Chris Grimmer



We are currently in the peak season for Thunderstorm Asthma, and with the large number of dust storms we are also experiencing, it is timely to re-visit your Asthma Plans.  If your child has Asthma please ensure the school has an up-to-date Asthma Management Plan and that they bring their reliever medication to school with them.  Please contact your doctor if you need to update your child’s plan.

Mildura School Lands Trust -

Information For Families

Each year our school receives money from this trust. Over the past year, we have received just over $100,000.

Your school Council has used this money for items such as Netbook computers, resurfacing of the basketball court and to adding extra funds to the school building projects. Trust money adds to funding we get from both the State and Federal Governments, and our parent payments.

Every Victorian school in Sunraysia, and therefore every student benefits from the money raised by this trust. How much each school receives is based on how many students attend that school.

How brilliant is that!


Our trust is now 102 years old and it is the most unique, community education trust in Australia.

Mildura Schools Lands is a trust that owns 183 parcels of land spread throughout Mildura city and the original irrigation area. Each land title is leased for fifty years. Leases can be bought and sold, and developed by the lessee, with approval from council. Commercial rental from each lease raises the money for schools. The Chaffey brothers first allocated these lands and it was then legislated for in 1916. In Jan 2011 it became a part of the Education act.

A representative beneficiaries’ committee works to protect and improve the trust.

This committee works with the trust’s manager (Sandhurst Trustees), community and the Department of Education and Training to ensure that the trust is secure for the benefit of all Sunraysia primary and secondary students. If you would like further information, please feel free to speak to me.



As you may be aware, the Victorian government has announced a new mobile phone policy that will require students to switch their phones off and securely store them away during the school day if they choose to bring them to school.

The policy is designed to support teaching and learning in an environment that is free from unnecessary distractions, disruptions and student inattention caused by the urge to check their phones. At recess and lunch times, students will be better-placed to communicate with each other face to face and/or be involved in activities rather than being focused on a device or on social media.

Details about the Merbein P-10 2020 Phone Policy will be available in the coming weeks.