Teaching & Learning 3E

3E Newsletter

Hi everyone we are Oscar and Riley and today we are going to talk to you about what the Grade 3s have done at school at the start of Term Three. A stand out so far has been participating in P.E classes. Mr. Smith has been training us in the following Olympic sports: running, hurdles and basketball. Basketball training has come at a good time for Hooptime so we can improve our basketball skills. We have been doing some Hooptime training at lunchtime in the E.M.C building. In lockdown, we did a 3E workout with Hilly the Hillman (which is Mr. Embling). Mr. Embling wears his old Red Hill football jersey and dresses completely in red (he even has a wig). We do 7 minutes of random exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, star jumps etc. This was very fun, exhausting, difficult and different from our normal routine.


We have also been learning about the Olympic Games. Australians are amazing at water sports like swimming, rowing, sailing and surfing. Australians aren't just amazing at water sports, they're also amazing at basketball and hockey. This year Patty Mills was chosen to be our flag bearer out of the 477 athletes representing Australia. He was one of two athletes that have been chosen for this honor. The other athlete was Cate Campbell, who is a swimmer. The whole class has decided to make a medal tally and display that in the room when we return to school. As each country wins a medal, we will add it to the tally. We already need to add one gold medal, which Ariarne Titmus won in the women's 400-metre freestyle.