Principal's Report

Welcome back to all students and families.  I certainly appreciate the pressures that are put on families when we keep getting told to move back into remote learning.  I am proud of the efforts once again by our community and can only hope we do not enter into another remote learning period! 


Kids are back in the classroom

We have found that over the past 18 months it is not uncommon for students to show some signs of anxiety or stress heading back into school.  We need to remember their past few weeks have looked very different to being back in the busy world of school.  Our teachers are well aware of this but please speak to your teacher if you notice some changes in the behaviour of your child so we can best support them in their return. 


Our Oval

We have had more soil spread onto the oval just to make it safe until we can enter into more substantial works.  Currently our business case and scope of works is with the Victorian Schools Building Authority where they are assessing our case to have our oval resurfaced and irrigated. Unfortunately, this is part of the process when schools want to do significant works to their school site and it can take time to be approved. 


COVID safe Restrictions at LPS

Our most recent operations guide that has become available to schools has indicated parents should not be onsite unless it is absolutely necessary.  I wrote a message on Facebook and have asked that you remain offsite unless you believe it is absolutely necessary to be onsite.  I trust our community and I know you will help me keep our school COVID safe. If you have questions, there are 4 of us out the front each morning to answer them.   


A necessary reason for coming onsite might include meeting your child at the end of the day on the basketball court because they are in Prep or assisting your child to their classroom in the morning if they are feeling highly anxious etc.  Once you have concluded what you have come onsite to do, please head offsite as soon as possible.  So far, I have been very happy with how this has worked and thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we slowly emerge from this latest lockdown. 

*Breakfast club can still continue! 


On a completely different side note, I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics.  I am enjoying using the 7plus App and watching sports you never really get to see like fencing and handball. 


Have a great week, 


Mark Moorhouse