Science Week highlights

Excellent experiments

This year’s Science Week activities included a collaborative practical lesson between Year 7 Science and Year 11 ATAR Chemistry classes. The Year 11s teamed up with Year 7s to conduct experiments that tested the skills of both year groups. Year 7s modelled compounds with lollies while the Year 11s demonstrated some explosive reactions, creating elephant toothpaste. Both year groups investigated the properties of dry ice in water and together looked at the properties of various solid compounds. The Year 11s were given the opportunity to model their laboratory skills, and the Year 7s had a chance to learn from their peers.


We were asked to help the Year 7s in a few experiments. The experiments ranged from testing solubility to experimenting with dry ice. The opportunity to help them develop their understanding of chemistry and pass on knowledge that we have learnt ourselves. We helped them complete answers on the worksheets and taught them about safety in the lab. The opportunity to teach the younger students was great and if it was presented again, we would definitely take it.                                                        Michael Berg  (Year 11 - M1)

Rio Tinto visits St Norbert College



Some of our Year 8 science classes were involved in an incursion with representatives from Rio Tinto. Students had a chance to investigate samples of rocks and minerals that the team from Rio Tinto had bought into the classroom. This allowed students to have a real-life insight into life as a geologist.

Pedal Prix in Busselton

Nine students travelled to the South-West to represent the College in the annual Busselton leg of the Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series. Students took turns to race in a recumbent bicycle in a six-hour rally format around the picturesque Busselton foreshore. The event promotes a range of outcomes including fitness, sustainability, competition as well as STEM problem solving and teamwork to ensure bikes adhere to strict scrutineering requirements, and importantly, goes fast! 

Our team comprising of boys from Years 9–11, represented the College proudly and placed fourth in their category of nine, with some teams flying over from the eastern states to compete.


Big Science Competition Results

Years 8 and 10 students recently participated in the ‘Big Science Competition’. It is an international competition that challenges critical thinking and problem-solving skills within a Science context.


Students from the College performed well with Diep Nguyen receiving a Distinction and the following students being awarded Credits:


Year 8

Sharie Fernandez

Jasmin Hill

Isabella Hulm

Ashley Mascarenhas

Sophia Pelicia

Taine Rangitoheriri

Riley Suckling

Aarush Vijapure

Kira Willis

Year 10

Rachel Bruyns

Arielle Chant

Keisha Desmond

Danika Hampson

Shenae Hartree

Chloe Hewitt

Sonna Jacob

Connor Le Dain

Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn

Isioma Onyemgba

Mya Oppelaar

Max Partairca

Tiana Suckling

Jeremy Veder


Ms K Magee  (Science Teacher) &

Mr R D'Almeida (Head of Learning Area - Science)