Take two: College photo day

Sports and Co-Curricular photographs

College Sports and Co-Curricular photographs will take place on Monday 2 September.


These photographs are taken for official school records and used in publications such as the College year book.


Uniform requirements for the day are as follows:

  • Sports groups - FULL TRACKSUIT with COLLEGE SPORTS SHIRT and correct SPORT SHOES.
  • Junior and Senior Dance Clubs - Full College Dance uniform with tan jazz shoes
  • Hip Hop Crew - Full College Dance uniform with white Hip Hop shoes
  • Non-sports groups - students are required to wear their FULL WINTER uniform (white College socks for girls)

It is important that all students are in attendance for their group photos so please keep this day free from appointments. Students who are in any sports group photos may attend school in full College Sports uniform.


Your ongoing support in maintaining your child’s uniform and personal presentation standards is always appreciated. Please be aware these photos are used for official purposes including the year book. As such, if your child does not meet College standards they are at risk of not taking part, hence their photo will not appear in this publication.


Please contact Miss Isard (kisard@norbert.wa.edu.au) if you have any queries regarding this matter.


Miss K Isard (College Photograph Coordinator)