From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,


The focus of a recent address by Pope Francis at the Vatican was the concept of “koinonia”, something very familiar to us all here at Saint Norbert College. As all would be aware, we title our annual yearbook “Koinonia”, our College boardroom bears this title and we often espouse how such a sense of fellowship and togetherness is an invaluable quality of our community.


Community is clearly articulated as one of our inherent College values as stated with the following explanation;


“Working together, we are bonded by our Faith and belief in each other, creating an environment that is trusting, open and purposeful”     



This value is ever present and widely celebrated throughout our school year. Most recently, while our students had the luxury of a study break on Monday this week, our staff were actively engaged in a Faith formation and development day. The program on this day was facilitated by Samuel Clear through his initiative known as “Walk4One”. Sam shared with our staff on many levels, including the importance of acknowledging God’s love amongst us, living a life of faith and integrity and our ability to make meaningful impact on the lives of those around us. These insights are all through the lens of Sam’s epic 15,000km journey on foot across the globe, asking communities to pray for unity in our world. I attached this link to Sam’s website for you to peruse for yourselves, his story of faith and integrity and the adventure he experienced:


An annual celebration of all that is community within our College is the College Presentation Night held at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday 28 October. This is a compulsory event in the College calendar, so please plan ahead. One of the awards presented on this evening is the Br Patrick Doolan O Praem Award. In honour of the memory of Br Patrick Doolan O Praem, who passed to eternal life in January 2006, a medal carrying his name is presented annually to a member of the College staff who has given outstanding service to the College. I invite parents and students to nominate a staff member whom they believe fits the “outstanding service” criteria. Written nominations should be lodged with Mrs Angela Hughes by Friday 18 October 2019.


I conclude by wishing all of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and significant male family members, a special Father’s Day on Sunday. A reminder to all that our Parent Committee has again organised a special occasion for these special male figures, our annual “Celebrating our Dads Breakfast” on Friday 6 September from 7.30–8.30am in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre. We look forward to seeing those who are able.


God bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)


Fr Peter O’Reilly Scholarship

A reminder to all of our Year 10 families that applications are open for the Fr Peter O’Reilly Scholarship, a needs based scholarship available to Year 10 students enrolled at the College and covers 100% tuition fees for Years 11 and 12. Applications open on Friday 23 August and close on Friday 18th October 2019. Details are available from Student Reception or by clicking on this link to the College website;