Student Ministry

Sewing Skills Required

Student Ministry requires some material to be hemmed and made into sashes.  It only requires basic sewing skills. If you can help out please contact Ms Kyd at

Year 9 Christian Service Learning Program

This week I launched the Year 9 Christian service Learning program to our Year 9 students. All Year 9 students need to complete seven hours of service to our College community this year. It is pleasing to see that some of our students have already,  through assisting at Breakfast Club and the Swimming Carnival.   We thank and appreciate the efforts of these students throughout the year.

Kimberley Immersion to Kununurra 2020

This week our 2020  Immersion program to the Kimberley in Western Australia was launched to our Year 10 and 11 students.  This life-changing experience will take place from the 12- 18 September 2020.  The immersion provides our  students to experience the wonderful culture of the Aboriginals living in the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Activities include working at St Joseph’s School, Save the Children evening activities, preparing and serving a meal at the Kununurra community kitchen and  intergenerational and cultural exchange between the residents of the Juniper Gerdewoonem Aged Care Facility. Further information about the immersion can be obtained from Ms Kyd by contacting me on 9350 5433 or by email at Applications for the immersion close on Monday 9 March 2002.


Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)