Prémontré Day

Prémontré Day 2020

With the Week of the Penguin still fresh in the minds of all St Norbert students and staff the hectic but positive start to the Prémontré year has been an enjoyable one.


Week One began with an activity for the enjoyment of all and to celebrate the Feast Day of our Patron, the Blessed Hugh of Fosse. At lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the Prémontré leaders, Emereen Moratella, Courtney McCrostie, Aditya Bhatt and Maria Interino organised the viewing of a movie favourite, Mr Poppers Penguins. All SNC students and staff were welcomed into the coolness of the Br Pat Forum and offered popcorn and lollies for their enjoyment. It was great to see so many people attend with their friends to relax, have a laugh and escape the summer heat!



On Monday of Week Two the ‘House of Penguins’ celebrated Prémontré Day. We began with a wonderful Liturgy with Fr Peter and presented by the students. It was heart-warming to hear the Prémontré students speak and to witness the reverence by all who attended. Following Liturgy the House moved to the Fr Peter O'Reilly Centre to share a meal of pizza and fruit with the Prémontré students and staff who also competed in the annual ‘Castles/Dodge Ball’ challenge. Congratulations to P2 for winning the trophy for 2020.


With our busy start to the year behind us, we look forward to the challenges ahead. It has been inspiring to see the students of Prémontré respond to the 2020 leaders who are doing an amazing job in doing their best to make it the Year of the Penguin!


Mr B McGrath (Head of House - Prémontré)