Student Success

Tegan Reder

“Fearless Tegan sets her own pace’’. “One stroke ahead’’. “Recognition for a High Achiever’’.


These are some of the headlines printed recently about Year 11 swimming champion Tegan Reder – who just swam the fastest S11 time in the world for the 50m breaststroke and 100m freestyle, as well as setting an Australian open record for the 50m breaststroke.

Tegan, 16, is in full training mode as selectors prepare for the 2020 Paralympics in Japan.


“I’m doing everything in my power, and I’m training a lot and am on a strict nutrition plan,’’ Tegan said. “Even if I just make the reserves this year . . . I really just want to make it.’’


Tegan, who is on an ATAR pathway, returned to College this week after a successful trip to Melbourne as part of the Dolphin Para Development Swimming Squad, which trains Paralympic hopefuls.



Her passion for swimming began during a PE lesson: “I was swimming for PE one day when I was in Year 9 and Heather, who coaches swimming, said ‘Why don’t you come and try a squad for a bit of fun’’ Tegan said. “I really didn’t think much of it but it led to ACC swimming, and that’s how I got into it.’’


Tegan explained of the three vision-based categories in competitive swimming, she is in S11, which is for the most visually impaired. The younger sister of College Sports Captain Chloe Reder, Tegan trains about 14 hours a week as well as at home, where she concentrates on core work and kick practice in the family pool.


“I like the pain of it,’’ Tegan said of big race meets. “The physical pain, when it feels my muscles are going to snap, and also that feeling you get when you’re standing on the blocks and they’re about to shoot the gun and you don’t know what’s going to happen. No two races are ever same. There are environmental factors, like if it’s cold, inside or outside, how well you’ve prepared, how fast you get off the blocks and the turns. I also just love the water and I’m happy when I get a PB.’’ We wish Tegan all the very best in the lead-up to the Australian Paralympic team announcements in June.

Zeta Stevens and Holly Giles

Meet two new champions of the touch rugby world.

Zeta Stevens (Year 11)  and teammate Holly Giles (Year 10) are the two youngest players in the Southern District’s Open Women’s Touch Rugby team, which just won a major State title.


“Holly and I scored consecutive tries and were ecstatic to come away as State champions, with myself in my first year of playing at this level and Holly in her second,’’ Zeta said.


During the race to the top, the pair even competed against an SNC Year 7 student, Mackenzie Baker, during the Touch Rugby State Titles on February 7, 8 and 9.  


“Over the course of the three days we went undefeated, both Holly and I putting out strong displays, being the youngest in the team by a couple of years,’’ Zeta said. “We came up against five teams over the weekend going undefeated in our round games, finishing top of the table, securing our spot in finals. 


“We played Northern Districts in the semi-final, taking out the win to vs Tompkins Park in the Grand Final.  The final was one to remember as we came away with the win 10 tries to six after a hard-fought 40-minute battle.


“Over the weekend we came up against fellow Year 7 student Mackenzie Baker whom plays for Perth Brothers. They finished up fifth on the table. Touch is a team sport and the spirit of the game is one that goes above and beyond many other codes of sport in the way it's played. You rise and fall as a team and at state champs we rose to the occasion doing not only ourselves proud, but our coaches, teammates and family proud also. I encourage others to find their sport because when you experience what Holly and I just have, it's something that's unforgettable. It gives you the courage to aspire to your goals and take others with you. So take the risk. Give it a go. I went out there for fun and came away with a state championship, you never know what can happen and that's the joy of sport.’’


Well done Mackenzie, Holly and Zeta.

                                                         Mrs L Quartermain (Community Relations)