Students will:

  • inquire about the features of places including natural, managed and constructed areas.
  • observe, identify and describe local features.
  • identify changes in features.
  • explain how to care for places
  • identify resources that can be recycled, reduced and reused
  • identify ways to care for natural, managed and constructed areas
  • demonstrate how to care for our local environment
  • use maps, graphs and statistics and visual representations

Learning intentions

  • To understand what geography is 
  • To understand what a feature is 
  • To recognise the differences between natural, managed, and constructed features  
  • To recognise different types of buildings in their local area 
  • To understand the relationship between the activities and the naturals, managed and constructed features of a place 
  • To describe and compare the daily weather patterns of a familiar place 
  • To examine how different cultural groups, including Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples, describe weather, seasons, or seasonal calendars
  • To pose questions about whether features  
  • To discuss how weather can affect places and how it can be look after 
  • To identify and explain why it’s important to care for natural, managed, and constructed features of places.