Year 1/2 News

English Focus

While we continue to work on CAFE strategies in reading, our writing focus has now moved on to recounts. The students are learning how to write about interesting things that have happened to them in the past. We are greatly looking forward to our visit from Michael Salmon tomorrow, and throughout the course of next week we will be planning, drafting, and editing recounts about the incursion - with the ultimate goal of publishing them to See Saw. Stay tuned!

Maths Focus

The students have concluded their unit on place value and counting, although they will continue to revisit these throughout the year. We have now moved on to addition, with a particular focus on developing a broad range of strategies - for example, counting on, using number facts like doubles or derived number facts such as near doubles, and partitioning numbers using place value. As well as explicitly teaching the strategies, we also encourage students to consider which strategy  is the most efficient for the problem they are solving.