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Poets in the Making

34W students have been developing their craft as poets. They have written a range of quatrains – a four line poem that have lines that rhyme. The configuration of the rhyme can differ. See if you can notice which lines rhyme with which.


I am up in space

I have been all around the place

Not much to see

But hard to flee.

By Anna 


The cat in the hat

Sat on a rat

To break its 

Mother’s back.

By Will  


The fat cat on the mat 

Got stood on

  Now he is thin

Poor old Mr Scone

By Asha


My cat is so fluffy 

And she is so scruffy

She is too tough

And kind of rough

By Edith 


Sally sat on the mat

With her pet cat

Playing with toy ball

Hanging with Nanna Pall

By Bailey 


Brook read the book 

With the chook

Then she found a tail 

That belonged to a snail

By Tahnee 


There once was a naughty snail

That got locked up in a jail

He broke out

And the guard gave a big shout!

 By Ben 


On a mat

Sat a cat

Drinking milk

Covered in silk

By Jordan 


I built a base 

I have been all around the place 

It looks cool

But it’s made of wool.

By Blade


The fox was in a box

The fox was eating some socks

He started feeling ill

So he took a pill

By Brody


There was a cat 

That hid under a mat

Hiding from his owner

Hoping he won’t call Rover

By Caitlin 


I’ve got a little 

Bit of space 

To eat my brittle 

In my face. 

By Charlie


I am fast 

But I came last

I was slow

Because I lost my flow 

By Mohammed


Books are for reading

They are appealing

They are fun

When you read them in the sun

By Charlotte


Shelly loves space

She wants to race,

But as a snail

She had to go by mail.

By Chase 


A cat sat on mat

With a baseball bat

Along came the cow

Who went to town now?

By Dean


Hard to play

In outer space

In a bundle of hay

And win the race.

By Declan


Friends when nice

Even though we fight

Sweet as spice then

Walk in the sunlight

By Khan-Lee


There was a mighty mouse

He had a mighty house

There lived a big cat

Whose best friend was a rat.

By Eden


The cat sat on a mat 

Next to a rat 

Then a dog 

Licked a frog.

By Larna


Hermione helps out heaps 

She studies her own way 

Ron and Harry are her best friends 

They journey everywhere to the end of the day

By Ella


A snail went to jail

It started pouring

Lots and lots of hail

Very boring

By Mia


Riley likes to fish

To the river he’ll go

The waves go swish

And the water will flow.

By Riley