Student Awards 

Student of the Week - 04/09/2020

Prep/1A - Zoey - For working hard during remote learning. Your independent writing has been incredibly impressive. Excellent work Zoey!

Prep/1J - Dylan -  For excellent handwriting, cutting and pasting of animals, and colour sorting of smarties! Well done Dylan! 

1/2R - Tiana - For putting in a great effort with her Home Learning requirements and staying on task to complete the activities.  

3/4S - Angus P. and Liam Y. - For showing great resilience in your remote learning! You are both following instructions really well and when needed you are being reflective and going back to fix things up. Great work! 

3/4W - Asha - For taking ownership of your learning and offering to help anyone that needs help both at school and in online forums. Congratulations!  

5/6H - Briley -  During remote learning this term, you have worked hard to complete your tasks on time and to the best of your ability. A fantastic effort!  

5/6S - Lily P. - During remote learning this term, you have shown an excellent work ethic as you very successfully completed and submitted a range of tasks. Your comments on the taste-testing task had a strong personal voice and the data was clearly shown on your graph! A fantastic effort! 

Music - Noah - Well done on all your Music tasks Noah. I would definitely be able to play your piece from the notation you have made.   

Music -Haylee - You have been working very hard on your music tasks throughout the term. Well done this week. I would easily be able to play your piece from your written notation. 

Art - Makaya - For an excellent reproduction of the ballet picture. I imagine it would have taken a long time to prepare for this photo. The result was worth it. Well done. 

Art - Brody M. - For an excellent reproduction of the Salvador Dali picture. You went to a lot of effort and the finished product looked great. Well done – I hope the cat wasn’t too traumatised!  

Science - Angus N. - For his great work on the topic of Earthquakes. Well done Angus!



Student of the Week - 11/09/2020

Prep/1A - Brody - For your wonderful improvement in your writing. You are working hard at your spelling and handwriting. Keep up the great work! 

Prep/1A - Alannah - For having a fantastic attitude towards your learning. You have been very motivated and overcoming challenges with determination. Wonderful effort Lanny! 

Prep/1J - Isabelle B. -  For excellent handwriting about her new bunny dress, and for great work on the computer program Seesaw! Well done Isabelle! 

1/2R - Mackenzie - For working responsibly on her Home Learning tasks while her mum has been busy packing to move house.  

3/4S - Ava - You have consistently worked very hard on your tasks and have communicated regularly about your work. Well done Ava! Great work and keep it up!

3/4W - Charlotte - For displaying patience and persistence in our Team Meetings this week. Well done!   

5/6H - Riley - For completing his Maths Learning Task this week to a very high standard. You clearly stated what you learned during the task and demonstrated your understanding of the concepts involved.

5/6S - Marli - During remote learning this term, you have consistently and very successfully completed and submitted a range of tasks. Your comments and your correctly formatted recipe for your Toblerone Cheesecake were descriptive and detailed! 

A fantastic effort! 

Music - Harmony D. - For great singing this week and always completing your music learning tasks with enthusiasm. Well done Harmony.  

Music - Teddy - For the thorough analysis of the song American Pie. You clearly know your stuff when it comes to this song and all the music history surrounding it. Well done Teddy. 

Art - Arianna -  For an excellent collage Spring artwork. This was well thought out and well made. Well done Arianna! 

Science - Zoey - For her great work in Science this week for the topic of Weather. Keep up the great work!