Chinese Cultural Day

Year 7 & Senior International Students​

On 30 April, we ran a Chinese Culture Day. We welcomed four special guests from Confucius Institute to demonstrate and teach students Chinese tradition arts, including Taichi, dance, paper cut, calligraphy and traditional drawing.


In each Chinese class group, students had opportunities to produce either performance or artworks.  The aim of the event was to actively engage students in Chinese culture and provide insights into traditional arts. We were extremely impressed by the high-level of all students’ work and performance.



On 5 May, the PAC was occupied with a great number of International Students who were celebrating the beauty of the Chinese language at the Chinese First Language Speech Competition. Students who participated in the speech competition were to give a speech on ‘My perspectives on manners’. The event aimed to develop students’ presentation skills and speech writing skills. It also prepared them for their VCE oral exam. The Awards recognise outstanding achievements in meeting high standards of public speaking in Chinese and the use of Chinese language.


Shuonan Zhou

Chinese Teacher