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Celebrating our Students

Students are nominated by their teachers to receive a certificate of acknowledgment. The below student's certificates will be presented at our next assembly. 


Performing Arts

Elyse D

For being a supportive and caring friend at Production.


Learning  Initiative Program

Scarlett S

For her happy and enthusiastic attitude towards all aspects of her work.


Levi B

For being a respectful and cooperative member of our group.


What a fantastic end to the term in Indonesian class! We have spent the past fortnight in class wrapping up our topics. Prep students created their own book called “How the Mouse Deer Tricked The Crocodiles”, and they got their very own copy to take home and enjoy! Year 1 and 2 students have been reviewing their knowledge of “big” and “small” and how to separate things they like and dislike. Years 3 and 4 have continued investigating how Indonesian children spend their leisure time, which will lead into daily activities and school life next term. Year 5 and Year 6 students have been concluding their unit on sports by looking at the upcoming Asian Games that will be held over the school holidays. 


Selamat Liburan everyone, see you next term!

Bu Grogan
Bu Grogan




Performing Arts

Talk about seeing off the end of term on a high note!!  

A HUGE congratulations to all of the students for an outstanding effort performing on stage in front of their friends and families across two nights at our annual school production.  The students are to be commended not only for the courage it took to perform in front of such a large audience, but for the hours of work they put in to their preparation.  Rehearsals are always such a rewarding aspect of the year for me as I have the privilege to witness the teamwork and camaraderie that forms between the students as they collaborate to solve problems, come up with new ideas, and cheer each other on.  Then, on top of that, to see it all come together on performance night and see the pride on their faces makes all of the time and effort worthwhile.  It really is the icing on the cake!

Thank you again to all of our helpers - parents, grandparents, siblings, ES staff, teachers, Mr Darby and Mrs James, for all of your help and support along the way.  Every contribution is valued and greatly appreciated.  

Lastly from me, a heartfelt thankyou to the kids.  You make me very happy and proud, and I love coming to work each day and seeing your faces.  I am honoured to help you in your journey through primary school and hope that for each of you, to some degree, our school has given you a spark of love for music, theatre, and the creativity and beauty that comes from the Arts.

Mrs Shalders
Mrs Shalders









Learning Initiative Program