Year 5 & 6

Around our level

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Y.R.P.S had their annual production of Star Warts the Umpire Strikes Back! 

Before the 7th and 8th of September, our huge night, everyone was extremely anxious for the upcoming production. For the Year 6s it was a lot of pressure, nerves and excitement for getting our roles! Once they were announced there were lots of practising lines and dance moves which we have Mrs Shalders to thank as she did a great job organising the whole thing.

Although there were a few mess ups, we think that the production was an awesome and memorable experience. We all had so much fun and tried our best. Some people forgot props, some people forgot lines, but that's what makes up the fun of the production.

We speak on behalf of the whole school when we say that the event was a lot of fun! Every year level got a different costume, so a huge thanks to Erica for organising that and putting them all together! Our production wasn’t perfect, but it was amazing all the same! 

Our production was a day none of us will ever forget. We had flashing lights and a great play! Every year level had their own special element of fun to bring to the stage, and I’m sure everyone's parents were very proud.


From the Publicity Captains, 

Ava W, Evelyn M & Holly P


Here are some thoughts from other members of 5/6.


The dancing was really fun and exciting. My favourite dance was the Mega Mix because it had all the songs in one! The most memorable moment was probably the muck ups because they were really funny and gave the parents a good laugh.

Charlotte A


I loved the bit when the three Rangers, Roger played by (Casey), Over played by (Me) and Out played by (Zahra) did our special Agga Doo doo dance. The thing I liked was that I did my most amazing birdie dance for it.



My favourite part was during the song Space Trip, I ran onto the stage as a crossing man and helped people cross. And then Luke and Gordan ran across the stage. It was funny.



The thing I liked about production was the  mistakes because mistakes can make a production.

Tyler W


Probably all the funny lines, and when we were doing the Megamix, my wig was falling down and I could not see all the way through the dance.



I liked how I had to hand the baby to Daft Ada and that I had some lines.

Mitch S


I loved just everyone working together to make the show work, and the memorable part was definitely me looking like Shrek instead of Yoda.



I really enjoyed listening to all the little jokes throughout the show. I’m happy that I  remembered  my lines because it's the first time I've said a line in a production. I also loved when the preps came running on the stage with a sign saying copyright breach.



My favourite part about the production was that I got to say lines but the preps stole the show!



It was my first time having a role in a production so I was really nervous. I had so much fun dancing on stage. I feel like I still should practice my lines even though we have  finished the production!

Ava M


The fact that it was my last production was really upsetting and made me cry a little since I have always love Yarra Road Productions and it was my last primary school performance with my friends. I loved being the cast A; Umpire and watching my friends do their best and being awesome even though they were nervous and scared. My favorite dance was obviously my one aka The Umpire Strikes Back.



I had a ball at production  because my friends were there. They had a ball too. I was very very very nervous but had fun.



The thing I  liked about production was  when I was on stage.



I really enjoyed performing my solo singing part.

Alexis C


It was my last production and it was so much fun. I think acting is so much fun. I thought I would be more nervous but when I got out there I loved it!  



I liked saying my lines as my character so I could be mysterious. 



I really liked all of it. It was really funny but I really enjoyed scene seven when I went on for my confusing lines as Ranger Out.



I really liked being Zac Solo, one of the main characters. It was awesome and so fun.



The moment right before the curtains opened was a very memorable moment and all of the dances. It was so surreal to be up on the stage performing for my last performance ever!



My favourite part of the production was the Megamix because I love dancing.


Celebrating our Students

Students are nominated by their teachers to receive a certificate of acknowledgment. The below student's certificates will be presented at our next assembly. 


5/6B - Mrs Haysom

Grace N

For always trying her best with all tasks.


5/6D - Mr Smith & Mrs Legge

Amelia K

For showing improvement in her effort and concentration.


James W

For working hard on 'Time' problems in Maths