Year 3 & 4 

Including 2/3A

Around our level

This fortnight in Year 3/4, we have been very busy with Production and preparations for Sovereign Hill Camp! 


Students have participated in rehearsals for their casts for Production, and attended Yarra Valley Grammar School for a technical rehearsal. We were pleased to see the fantastic performances of our students during the Production. Well done to our Year 4 students that delivered lines in their performance! 

During our Integrated Studies lessons, students have been preparing for our upcoming Camp in Week 2 of next term. Students have been designing and creating ‘suitcases’ that have ‘inside feelings’ and ‘outside feelings’ about camp. On the outside of the suitcases are feelings that students have that they are happy to share with others, and on the inside of the suitcases are the feelings they have about camp that they would prefer to keep to themselves. 

Students have also been designing balloon powered cars in small groups. It has been excellent to see their teamwork and creativity skills at work for this project. 

For reading lessons this fortnight, students have been learning about making inferences, and revising other reading strategies. During writing lessons, students have been writing letters, using creative writing prompts, and writing a recount for Production. Year 4 students are also writing letters to their 2023 prospective buddies to welcome them to Yarra Road. In Maths lessons, students have been revising what they have learnt for Patterns and Algebra, and Symmetry and Transformation. 

Celebrating our Students

Students are nominated by their teachers to receive a certificate of acknowledgment. The below student's certificates will be presented at our next assembly. 


2/3A - Mrs Cooper

Jade L

For her amazing energy and enthusiasm during production.


April C

For her amazing energy and enthusiasm during production.


3/4B - Mrs Jackson and Miss Grogan

Lachie I

For improved attitude and effort towards your learning. Well done Lachie!


Amira B

For being a kind and caring student who goes out of her way to brighten the day of others!


3/4C - Miss Stevens

Kaylea R

For putting lots of effort into the design of your ‘suitcase’ for Camp including a lock and key!


Liah B

For putting lots of effort into the design of your ‘suitcase’ for Camp!