Year 1 & 2

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Students have been creating cinquain poems. Look at these wonderful 5 line poems.


Cake pops

Rainbow, sprinkles

Eating, licking, tasting

Just like cake in the cheesecake shop


By Annabelle 1/2B



Fast, warm

batting, bowling, catching

The ball is very hard


By Ragahv 1/2B


We have been finishing our Addition and Subtraction unit. This week we have been creating our own Maths problems and we have made a book to share. We have been working on the different strategies that we can use eg. counting on, counting back, using a hundreds chart, using a number line etc.


Father’s Day. Thank you to all of the Grade 2 fathers (& Grandpa’s) for joining us for the Father’s day breakfast. It was a wonderful morning.  


Declan. I liked being with my dad because we had a croissant.


Hunter. My dad came to the breakfast and I had a good breakfast with him.


Shakira. My Pa came to breakfast with me.


Parkah. I liked it because we played games together, it was lots of fun.


Finn. I got to have breakfast with my dad.



Jamie. I liked meeting other people’s dads and also eating the food.


Aaron: I liked having breakfast with my dad.


Karleigh: I liked having breakfast with my dad and showing him my classroom.


1/2C: Mikaylah: I liked when I got to jump on my pa’s back.


Jordan: I liked it when I got to eat breakfast with my dad.


Lola: I liked going to breakfast with my dad because he talked to me about his car.


Ethan: My dad liked the card I gave him. He thought it was funny.





Grace-Lee. I loved seeing my buddy sing.


Isla-Rose. I enjoyed showing my family how hard I worked on dancing. 


Eddie. I like singing 4 songs and my favorite was the Diddly Squits.


Matilda. I liked all of the songs and being with my friends.


Levi. I loved singing and dancing.


Maci: I liked the dance moves.


Flynn: I liked squeeze the sauce.



Tilly: I liked Squeeze the Sauce because we all fell down!


Victoria: I liked all of the songs.


Aaron: My favourite part was seeing my mum and dad when I was singing the songs.


Scarlett: My favourite part was the princess song ‘Far, Far Away’.


Thomas: My favourite part was when we were dancing.


Maddison: My favourite part was seeing my family when I was dancing.


Patch: My favourite song was ‘Squeeze the Sauce’.



Sebbie: I had fun doing the dance, but the most fun I had was when I saw my dad smiling!


Jackson: I liked seeing Lord Yoga singing ‘Squeeze the Sauce’. I also liked collecting my

 Pa’s present.


Poppy B: My favourite song was ‘The Diddly Squits’.


Josephine: I liked doing the dances and seeing my Mum and Dad.


Myla: I liked when I was dancing and I saw my whole family smiling and clapping.


Harry: I liked doing production and performing for the whole crowd.


Taylor: I liked it when we got to fall on stage at the end of ‘Squeeze the Sauce’.


Celebrating our Students

Students are nominated by their teachers to receive a certificate of acknowledgment. The below student's certificates will be presented at our next assembly. 


1/2A - Mrs Freene

Indie F

For showing dedication towards learning the lyrics and dance moves in production.


1/2B - Mrs Pfander and Mrs Amarsi

Levi P

For always showing kindness and encouragement to all class members.


1/2C - Mrs van Loenen

Josephine F

For her enthusiasm in writing sessions and for creating some fabulous poems.





Mrs Freene
Mrs Pfander
Mrs Amarsi
Mrs van Loenen
Mrs Freene
Mrs Pfander
Mrs Amarsi
Mrs van Loenen