Principal's Message 

Principal: Ken Darby

Assistant Principal: Meriden James

And in the flash of an eye, the production is done and dusted. The students certainly had the “force” with them last Wednesday and Thursday nights. I could not be more proud of the entire student body for their wonderful performances and hard work throughout Term 3. It was absolutely heart-warming to witness students come together, work as a team and present such fun filled shows. The support shown to one another across all year levels, especially during the rehearsal days, was great to see; it was true Yarra Road spirit at its best! Productions can be the highlight of a school year for many students; however, an equal number of students can find such experiences very challenging. It was a credit to all our students that they had a go and participated so enthusiastically and bravely to put on two great shows. 


I would like to acknowledge all the staff who supported the students on both nights and a special thanks to our performing arts teacher, Mrs Cath Shalders, who drove this production and ensured that we were able to celebrate these wonderful performances at the George Wood Centre. A special thanks also to all our parents who also contributed their time and resources to ensuring we could produce such a quality performance on these nights. These events do not happen by accident and are a culmination of a lot of hard work from all areas of the community, students, staff, parents, grandparents and a special thank you to Doug Amey for his outstanding sets. The costumes were outstanding, sets and props magnificent and I hope the students cherish the memory of such a night for years to come.

Please read on further into our newsletter to learn more of our students’ experiences of the evening(s).


Facilities Upgrade

On Tuesday Mrs James and I met with ‘Spaces’ who have been assigned to the role of designing the redevelopment of our basketball courts. This project must be completed by July 2023. Our discussions have been thorough and at this stage we have asked ‘Spaces’ to reconsider their initial design as we feel that it does not meet the criteria for our school. I am sure that we all recognise that this is a one-off project that must draw attention to our school of those who visit, whilst providing the best value for money and also the best environment for our students. I will continue to provide updates of this project to the community as I receive such news. 


We have also reopened our plans to upgrade our school toilets. The cost of this project is looking to be quite substantial, and we have explored a number of grant options to fund this project to no avail. At this stage we will have to look at covering the costs through our cash budget. Being that the initial costs for this refurbishment is looking to be well over $50,000 we need to ensure that we do our due diligence to ensure we get the best value for our school’s money. I think you will all agree however that this project is well overdue.


2023 Foundation Enrolments 

As planning for next year is well and truly underway, we ask our families who may have a child that they wish to enrol at Yarra Road Primary next year to contact the office for a tour and an enrolment form as soon as possible. We also ask that if any of our current families are aware of any potential new families to our school, that they ask them to get in touch with us as soon as possible. 



Students are required to be wearing a school hat when outside. Students without a school hat, will be required to play in the designated shaded areas.


End of Term 3 – Early Dismissal 

A reminder that Term 3 will finish this Friday September 16th with an early dismissal at 2.30pm.


What a term. It has been very busy, but ultimately very rewarding and successful. I truly hope all our students and staff have a relaxing and safe Term 3 holiday break, and to those whose football teams are still in it to win it, I wish you good luck.


Ken Darby







A message from Caroline our Canteen Manager - The Canteen now has an email address -      All Canteen enquiries can be directed to this email address, including holding lunch orders over to another date if your child is absent on the day they have a lunch order.                                           I hope you all enjoy your School Holidays, Kind Regards Caroline.

Lets Get To Know Cath

1. How long have you worked at the school & what do you love about being the music teacher?


I have been at YRPS since 2018.  I love being the Performing Arts teacher at our school because I get to help the students explore their creativity. 


The Performing Arts room is space where kids can use their imagination, workshop ideas with their classmates, problem-solve and make some pretty awesome music, dances and dramatic performances.


Production is clearly a highlight of the year for me. 


It brings the whole school community together and the students are always so excited to perform for their families. 


It is a really courageous thing to perform in front of 500 people, and I am so very proud of each and every student that gets up on stage.


2- We are so lucky that our primary school run a school performance every year, do you have a team of teachers that assist with the props, costumes and practice and how do you decide on which musical every year?


I am lucky to work with an awesome staff who get along so well and are always willing to help each other.  Our annual productions are no exception.  All staff members are involved in making and sourcing sets, props and costumes, as well as many other tasks such as ticketing and guiding the students through rehearsals.  Every year, a number of families volunteer their time to help out at working bees and at home creating items to use in the performance.  Without all of these hands working together, the production simply wouldn't happen, and I am very grateful for the community we have at YRPS.


I am a huge fan of Craig Hawes scripts.  I choose his productions because there are many lead roles, allowing for a full cast of 20 lead characters plus many supporting roles with dialogue.  The songs are always catchy and cover many different genres, and these provide great moments for our middle and junior students to perform with gusto as an ensemble.  I think it's important for families in the audience to be able to see their children on stage multiple times throughout the performance, so I try to give each year level a few songs to perform.


-3- Lastly, we would like to know what is your favourite theatre show you have ever seen?


I grew up in a family of theatre goers and performers, so I have been fortunate to have seen many theatre shows. 


My favourites would have to be Les Miserables and Jersey Boys. 


As a mum, I have enjoyed taking my family to the theatre and in most recent times we have loved Harry Potter and Cursed Child, Matilda and Hamilton.

School Photo Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the School photo survey and submitted feedback. As a result we will be continuing with the Personality photos in 2023.