Class Updates

Prep Breakfast

As part of the school's camp program, the Prep students were invited to school early today to enjoy breakfast with their friends. This is an important step in the camp program as children will need the confidence, independence and manners required with eating in a formal environment. All of the students used their manners and enjoyed pancakes, cereal and fruit. Thank you to all the staff involved for making this happen. 


Argh me hearties!

Last week, we were treated to a viewing of an amazing pirate ship that Charlee made with her mum.  Year 1 have been studying a Rags to Riches story about a pirate called Tom and the students have put their own spin on it.  While Charlee was at home recovering from a cough, she wrote her own version of the story and made an amazing pirate ship to support her story.  The riches in her story were paper pirate hats.  We were so lucky not only to see Charlee back at school, but to see her amazing ship and be given our own piece of paper pirate hat treasure!  It was a very fun afternoon.  Thank you, Charlee!  

Prep - Library Excursion

On Monday 28th November the Prep classes were lucky enough to go down to the new Warrnambool Library. While there they had a tour of the new library, listened to some stories and did some literacy activities. This excursion links in with the literacy curriculum and was a great opportunity for the students to gain awareness and knowledge on how the library can be such a wonderful educational experience. If you have  a chance over the holidays be sure to visit this wonderful new space.

EAL Arts and Crafts

Our EAL students explored cultures and histories through art and craft this week. As you can see we have some very talented artists.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden has been under maintenance for the past few weeks and is almost ready to be opened for students to use and enjoy for the remainder of the year. This is a quiet space for students to sit, relax and reflect at recess and lunch. Please respect the garden and remember to follow the rules so everyone can enjoy the space.

  • No talking
  • No food
  • Stay on designated seating areas
  • Walk on pavers only
  • Enjoy the peace and your own thoughts

A special thank you to the Japanese Garden team; Sienna McDougall, Mia Bonnett, Isabella Newell and Gretta Wake. These girls have given up numerous lunch times to prepare and clean the garden for opening and will continue to maintain it for the remainder of the year.