Teaching and Learning

Welcome Back to Term 4 

All year levels have a productive and rich term of learning prepared that aligns with our priorities of wellbeing and teaching and learning. Walking around and dropping into the classrooms this week it is evident that the students have transitioned successfully back and are eager to learn and work with their classmates. Lots of explicit teaching is taking place with extra support provided for Maths and English. 


Writing is a significant focus in all of our classrooms this term, and students are once again coming to the office and sharing their work, which is such a delight. Two of our visitors from Year 6 shared their writing task on the use of conjunctions and appositives to create complex sentences. Barkly W shared the following information about these skills.  "This year we learnt about a concept in writing called an appositive. An appositive gives extra information or facts about a noun. For example, ‘Fungi, a living organism, isn't classified as a plant, nor an animal’. In this example, the description of  "a living organism" is an appositive because this is giving extra information about fungi. An appositive phrase normally has commas before and after it. Appositives are very helpful and make your writing more interesting."


Daisy F constructed the following sentences which demonstrate her ability to use conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

  1. Over time, the environment for mould to grow has revolutionised, but there has to be a certain climate for it to flourish.
  2. Eventually, the world will re-enter a state of poverty because of how we are treating the environment.
  3. Mrs Martin, our Grade 6 teacher, is teaching us about the 4 main operations in Maths. So, to make sure you do your worksheet right, you must listen to the teacher.

Take a look at the amazing narratives and handwriting that the Year one students have produced.


Have a great week, 


Sarah & Bek