Science Week

Science Week

During Science Week all students attended and participated in an online virtual sealife workshop. The workshops catered to each year level and aligned with the Victorian Curriculum with a focus on Inquiry and STEM disciplines. Classes were brought face-to-face with an experienced SEA LIFE Melbourne Educator who taught them about SEA LIFE’s incredible animals, including penguins, sharks, fish and reptiles. They found out how we can care for our incredible and unique animals and discovered the different habitats these animals need to thrive. Throughout the workshop there were opportunities to interact with the Educator, ask questions and discuss differences between creatures.  



Year 1 Student - “I didn’t know that when a crocodile lays eggs, the eggs turn into boys if they are lower in the nest [warmer] and turn into girls if they are higher in the nest [cooler] and that is the opposite for turtles…that’s awesome”.  


On Friday we had a wonderful time dressing up as people, creatures and objects  that you would find underwater or in the sea. It was amazing to see how creative families are with using household objects to make all of the fantastic creatures, objects and other things that can be found within our oceans. We celebrated the day with an outside parade, sharing the excitement of the ocean and dressing up with the whole school. 


A take home message from the 2020 National Science Week school’s theme ‘Deep Blue’ is that the negative impact that we are having on our oceans can be changed and reversed through knowledge and understanding of the ramifications of different environmental impacts, using modern technology and scientific discoveries on our oceans. By understanding the depths of human exploration and investigating the effect of phenomena such as currents, pressure, lack of visibility and light, students will journey well beyond the surface, providing the perfect platform to inspire a generation of innovators invested in our ocean’s health.


Shannon Kearns

Learning and Teaching Leader