Mindful Colouring


Every Tuesday during the first break, we are offering a mindful colouring session for all students. This is hosted by Dominique, our School Counsellor. Mindful colouring assists children with their wellbeing, as it helps them to relax and express their feelings.

Dominique encourages positive converstaions during this time and offers a safe and supportive network for students to belong to.


Please encourage your child to attend if you feel that it would be beneficial for them.


Mindfulness and Stress Management Presentation

On Tuesday 27 October, our School Counsellor Dominique Furet, facilitated an informative parent workshop on Mindfulness and Stress Management. Dominique spoke about the present climate, defined stress, explored the Flight and Fight Response and the importance of distinguishing between "useful stress" and stress that is unhealthy for us. The impact of modeling was explored and how parent’s deal with stress/react to stress is often reflected in their children. A parent’s coping strategies often become their children’s coping strategies. 


Dominique encouraged us not to multitask and to be fully present with others. She explored some mindfulness strategies to support us with this challenge as well as creating space, being present and listening rather than always suggesting solutions for children. 


Thank you Dominique for this informative presentation. If you would like to make contact with Dominique, please email her on Dominique.Furet@ccam.org.au


Emma Pattison