Student of the Week Awards

 Student of the Week Awards Term 3 Week 2

F/1 TartagliaGrace Dickinson
F/1 O'SullivanGabe Gilboy
F/1 DundonMason Jecs
Yr. 2 Borzillo/PetrieLogan Cook
Yr. 2 NilbettNoah McConnaughie
Yr. 3/4 CassettaMax Reid
Yr. 3/4 BrownBelle Tracey-Glover & Harry Whitford
Yr. 3/4 CorboEva Minutoli
Yr. 3/4 Bradbury/PoppaKurtley Fidock
Yr. 5/6 YoungCharli Martin
Yr. 5/6 SlaughterRiley Cronyn
Yr. 5/6 BasileEvie Harman & Hunter Worm

Principal's Award Term 3 Week 2

Congratulations to Ari Ventura who received this week’s Principal’s Award. Ari comes to school each day demonstrating our PBIS expectations of being his best, resilient, respectful and responsible. Ari displays a positive attitude in all he does.  He is very encouraging and inclusive of everyone. When he plays footy he shares the ball around with his team and gives everyone a go. Ari is a super Sacred Heart student. Congratulations Ari.


Student of the Week Awards Term 3 Week 3

F/1 TartagliaAmelie Richardson
F/1 O'SullivanDante Matarese
F/1 DundonNo award presented this week
Yr. 2 Borzillo/PetrieAstin Montgomery
Yr. 2 NilbettTristian D'Agastino-Doig & Vivian Hippisley
Yr. 3/4 CassettaNathan Aitken
Yr. 3/4 BrownSebastian Tedesco
Yr. 3/4 CorboBlake Bunfield
Yr. 3/4 Bradbury/PoppaOlivia Mallon & Alfio Trazzera 
Yr. 5/6 YoungShiloh Reid
Yr. 5/6 SlaughterMikayla Henderson
Yr. 5/6 BasileEdward Clohesy

Principal's Award Term 3 Week 3

Congratulations to Ella Amurri who received this week’s Principal’s Award. Ella is one of our school leaders and leads by her example, giving everything she does her very best. She displays our PBIS expectations each and every day and accepts new challenges with positivity. Ella was part of our team raising money for our St Vinnies, and is on our Communication Team. She is also an enthusiastic member of our Evening Birds. Well done Ella.