Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates assemblies on the following dates:

Friday 10th September

Hazel C (PA) - For always having a positive attitude to her learning and consistently presenting her work to a good standard. You are a Superstar Hazel!

Oli R (PB) - For making huge efforts to try his best and share his ideas and work with others. It is so pleasing to see you take so much pride in your work Oli! Well done Superstar!

 Matthew R (12A) -  For being so engaged in remote learning and showing excellent participation on WebEx. It is wonderful hearing you share your ideas and making the class laugh with your great sense of humour. Keep it up superstar!

  Mia S (34A) - For putting in a great effort during Remote Learning. Mia did an excellent job on her maths money task and showed all her working out in a neat way. Super impressive, Mia! Well done!

Jackson P (34B) - For challenging himself with the money tasks given during remote learning. Jackson was able to share his understandings during the WebEx and tell us which task he found the most difficult. What a great role model!

Xanthe (34C) - A super effort working out your change in our money lesson by using the think addition strategy and number lines. Keep up the amazing work! 

Ewan (56A) -  For doing an amazing job completing and submitting your remote learning work. It has been wonderful to see your tasks and the effort you have been putting in, particularly in reading and writing. 

Stratos K (56B) - For developing an amazing information report about Bearded Dragons. Your writing included some amazing information and it showed you have a deep understanding of your topic. I especially liked how you referenced your information and listed the websites you used. Keep up the great work.


Friday 17th September

 Zayden G (PA) - For doing his personal best while on site, and working extra hard on your handwriting! Well done Zayden, Keep up the fantastic work!

Edward W (PB) - For showing increased focus and participation during our Webex discussions. We are thrilled to see you sitting nicely and looking at the screen during our learning sessions. Keep up the great work Edward! 

Rudra S (12A) - For listening to feedback and doing your best to improve your work. It’s great to see you contributing in WebEx sessions and being proud of yourself for all the effort you’re putting into the tasks. Way to go superstar!

Mitchell W (34A) - For the effort you are putting into your learning. I have been impressed with the focus you have during lessons and that you are doing your best on all tasks. Keep up the great work Mitchell!  

 Remy S (34B) -  For inspiring her peers last week with her love of learning. Remy asked to be given the challenge of completing difficult addition tasks involving money using the formal algorithm. Then she worked through the task of how to read such large amounts. Next she was using the 'think addition' strategy to work out change. Fantastic work Remy!

Sienna M (34C) - For always trying your Personal Best with all of your tasks. Your positive attitude and contributions to our WebEx meetings are fabulous. Keep up the amazing work! 

Charlotte S (56A) -  For working persistently in maths. You have done an amazing job looking at volume, capacity and area over the last few weeks and should be really proud of your efforts. Keep up the great learning!

Ava D (56B) - For the work you have done in maths over the past week. You have been successful in applying the formula to find the volume of a variety of shapes, making sure to always include the units of measurement in the answer. When drawing rectangular prisms, your shapes are always drawn and measured accurately with a ruler. Well done Ava.