Tutor Learning Initiative and other supports for our students.

After many Victorian students spent much of last year learning remotely, Victorian schools and their communities have made an exceptional effort to provide continuity of teaching and learning to our students during this time. Since learning has resumed on-site, schools have been focused on supporting students’ mental health, wellbeing and adjusting to the return to school. Staff have addressed individual learning gaps, supported student’s mental health and identified those who need extra support using classroom-based observation and assessments.

At Princes Hill Secondary College, we are well underway with implementing the new tutor initiative to ensure that students who need additional assistance to ‘catch up’ on learning that they may have missed, get tailored and targeted help. The new tutor initiative is being rolled out in an integrated way alongside our existing Department Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy package and school based literacy support programs.   By providing intensive learning support to the children who need it, we will not only ensure that those students are not left behind, but also give classroom teachers the space they need to meet the achievement, engagement and wellbeing needs of all students.


Please be aware that our funding is limited and tutoring will be allocated based on assessments and available contextual evidence including learning needs, engagement and wellbeing.


Parents always have the option to arrange a private tutor.   PHSC has a list of tutors across a range of disciplines willing to work one to one with VCE students or those at other levels needing further support. Contact enquiries@phsc.vic.edu.au for tutor contact details.