Bikes at PHSC 

Security - Safety 

Princes Hill Secondary College has a large number of students riding a bike to school. We are keen to ensure this healthy and active means of commuting to our school is as safe and secure as possible..


School Council is working with the City of Yarra to provide further bike stands and loops as well as exploring options for safe and secure storage of bikes as part of the upgrade works.


Bike Safety Tips from Victoria Police:


Always lock your bike. Use a good-quality, combination D-lock. 



Lock it to a fixed object like a parking meter or permanent bike loop or rack.

Lock it in a visible and well-lit area.

Secure components and accessories, especially quick-release components such as wheels. Make your bike unappealing to thieves by covering over branding.

Be able to identify your bike. Consider engraving your bike with your parents/guardian’s license number (with the letter V for Victoria before it) on the bike. Victoria Police can do this for you.

Consider insuring your bike and record the serial number usually located on the frame near the pedals. Bicycles and scooters can often be insured against theft and damage through your home and/or contents insurance policy. Ask your insurance company for details.

Take a clear photograph of your bike and keep it on file – this can assist police if you become a victim of theft.


Report a theft immediately to the police. On-line reporting to Victoria Police here


If your bike was stolen from the school grounds, please complete a Bicycle Theft Report (also available from the general office) .

Did you know you can obtain bicycle insurance for cover including theft away from home?


Vicroads - wearing a helmet

Mandatory bicycle helmet laws were introduced in July 1990. This applies when riding:

  1. on roads and road-related area
  2. on bike and shared paths
  3. in bike lanes
  4. in recreational parks
  5. in car parks 
  6. on footpaths. 

Police can stop bike and scooter riders and issue a fine or a warning for not wearing an approved bicycle helmet.

Bicycle helmet research

Research indicates that bike helmets greatly reduce the risk of head injuries, which are the major cause of death and injury to bike riders. - A comprehensive systematic review of 40 studies was published in the prestigious International Journal of Epidemiology in 2016 and found that bicycle helmets reduce the chances of a serious head injury by almost 70 % - Two years after introducing bicycle helmet laws in 1990 there was a 16% reduction in head injuries in metropolitan Melbourne and a 23% reduction in head injuries in Victoria. Further information from VicRoads on Helmets