Science excursion - 9B

Sam, Henry, Dan and Louis

Students walked to and from The University of Melbourne with their teacher, to visit the exhibition of final year Engineering Projects :  Endeavour Exhibition

These innovative projects address real-world industry and community problems, improve processes and have significant commercial applications and are developed by students in collaboration with industry, government, the community sector and different departments within the University.

There were about 60 projects which the 9B students could view plus they could chat to the young engineers who had designed and done the work. The projects were incredibly varied, including: biodegradable concrete (zero emission product from oyster shells, bone ‘chemicals’, sugar and more), machine learning for acoustic music production, modelling the aerodynamics of a Pterosaur wing, increasing flow and decreasing variability of drug infusions in ICU, reducing impact of wind on tall buildings via chaos theory.


Year 9B were engaged, chatted to the students and even had the opportunity to vote on their favourite project! We were the only school age people there so we were acknowledged and thanked by lecturers for our attendance.