Deputy Principals' Reports

  Deputy Principal (Year 7, 9, 11)


Ms Belinda Hunter 

I’d like to welcome back all of our students, particularly our Year 12 students who have commenced their final year of high school. It has been an extremely busy term already, with a number of activities taking place. Year 12 students have been setting an excellent example for the rest of the school with their wearing of school uniform, and positive attitudes around the school.


Year 10 students have also started the year with great enthusiasm, and have continued with their elective courses, and should now start to consider what subjects they would like to complete in Years 11 and 12. Subject Selection Information Evenings will be held, along with ‘taster’ lessons for most subjects. Once again, students are encouraged to select subjects that they are interested in, and will help them in their post-schooling lives.


2020 has seen the continuation of the Middle-Schooling program for students in Year 8, which has some new and very exciting cross-curricular activities and programs. Not only do they promote academic achievement, but they also assist students to develop key skills such as communicating with others, problem solving, group/team work, critical and analytical thinking and creativity. It is extremely pleasing to see students engaged and challenging each other to perform at their best.


The Assessment Booklets for Years 8, 10 and Year 12 are available on our school website, to allow access to all students and parents/carers to this information. These booklets also contain useful information, not only assessment schedules, but also forms for an extension for an assessment task, as well as illness/misadventure forms. All students are encouraged to seek support from their teacher as early as possible, to ensure that any necessary supports are in place.


This year, we have continued the trial of a four day week for Year 12 students, which was communicated in Term 3 last year. Year 12 students attend Monday through to Thursday, and do not attend on Fridays. If students are wishing to come to school on Fridays and complete independent study or complete major works etc. there are procedures and processes around this. Please let me know if you would like more information in relation to this.


As we approach the cooler weather, I would like to take the opportunity to remind all students and families that the school uniform shop is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8am - 9.30am, as well as the option to complete online ordering and payment, to have your items ready for collection during those times. All uniform items are available at very reasonable prices, and are available for purchase. Hooded jumpers/jackets are not uniform items and should not be worn to school. Also, all students should be wearing black leather shoes, to ensure that they are able to safely participate in all learning opportunities. Sports shoes should be carried in school bags and worn during sport/PE practical lessons as needed. If you require any assistance in relation to uniform, please contact the front office.

Deputy Principal (Years 8, 10, 12)


Mrs Kerry Doyle

It has been an excellent start to the year with Year 7 transitioning to high school successfully. They have been enjoying subjects such as Fact and Fiction, Collectives, Big history and many more. Students have now engaged fully with their technologies in the classrooms and have demonstrated vigour and enthusiasm for the change in learning styles from primary schools.


Many of our Year 9 students have had a wonderful experience of electives and making their own choices for learning in 2020 and beyond. Students are particularly enjoying their practical classes, however I ask that students be provided leather shoes for practical classes that are plain black in colour. This is a Health and Safety requirement, above the school requirement.


Year 11 have had many last minute subject changes and these have now closed, over the holidays many students changed their future plans around their post school destinations, it has been a wonderful start to their preliminary year with increased maturity and vigour and willingness to engage in learning.


Students are reminded that mobile phones should not be out in class and whilst they are able to access these during recess and lunch they are not a learning device nor a calculator to be used in classes. There are a number of apps available to assist in the management of devices during the day and if parents are not using these and students are not self-managing their own phone use then we will need to support your child by supervising their phones in the Deputy Principal lockers throughout the day.


Uniform has been very good this year, however shoes continue to be a concern. It is vital that students have a pair of leather shoes available to wear in practical classes such as Science, Visual Arts and Technology Mandatory and a range of electives. Hats are plain black and available at the school uniform shop. The uniform shop is available Tuesday and Thursday mornings and you can make purchases online and students can collect from the front office.


We look forward to a very positive year at Evans High School, we look forward to implementing a range of exciting wellbeing programs and activities as well as learning activities and continue our roll out of Chromebooks across the whole school.


Finally if you have anything in which you need to speak with a student’s teacher about, make contact through the front office. A general guide is to speak with the teacher first, make an appointment or call in order to do this, if it is a social issue, please contact the Year Advisor and if you are unsure of who to speak with ask our office staff and they will direct you to the best person. 

Intensive English Centre Deputy Principal


Mrs Mee Liau

Welcome back to a brand new year, 2020!


The summer holidays have been subdued by bushfires loss and tragedies and the start of Term 1 coronavirus epidemic, has affected the return dates of a few students and staff. They were all eagerly counting down to their 14 days of self-isolation and parents and guardians have been so wonderfully co-operative in keeping their children at home. A big Thank You to you.


The IEC enrolments have been increasing daily since we are open to initial assessments on the 29th January 2020. We currently have 16 classes and 199 students.


We are looking forward to working with our new and approachable Police Liaison Officer, who with her multicultural colleagues have prepared an informative talk for our Term 1 leavers in Week 6.


Teachers have all included curriculum development in their 2020 Performance Development Plans. Many IEC teachers have started professional dialogues with their high school subject counterparts and working towards aligning their programs and assessments where possible. The IEC will trial NAPLAN-like tests in Week 8 with our top Stage 4 and 5 classes. It is always a flurry of daily activities and so good to see people working so enthusiastically.


Finally, the IEC will conduct Swim School in Week 10 for 40 boys and Week 11 for 40 girls, at Blacktown Swimming Pool from 12:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.