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Science level 3 is focused on Living World this term. Students have learnt about living things being made up of cells and determining the organelles and their functions. The skills they have learnt so far is assessing the risk before conducting experiments, preparing a wet mount slides, using the microscope and how to take care of it. The final project that they will be submitting in week six is to create a 3D cell model of either animal or plant cell. They will have to write an explanation text on why they chose the materials they have picked to represent each cell organelles. On the day of the submission, each student will be presenting in class, talking about their model. I am excited to witness their creativity and resourcefulness. “                                              


- Ms Bautista


"Class 62 are a happy and friendly group of students who love to support each other in their English class. They are from China, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Philippines. They have been learning about our environment in simple argument text forms, as well as in various informative text types. They are learning many interesting things about English at our school."


– Ms Allaou



“In Term 1, the 56 Geography class is exploring the various aspects of human well-being. At the start of the term, the entire class was asked to complete title pages related to the topic. Some of the results were spectacular. The students also had an interesting take and understanding of what human well-being includes. Some students’ ideas of what human well-being included the basics like food, water, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education. others thought that human well-being included more than just basic necessities, things like family, friends, internet, games and free time. As the term proceeds, we will investigate and discover the different lives people lead around the world and the different factors that affect the well-being and human happiness. We as a class look forward to expanding our horizons with intellectual discussions and willingness to learn from one another.”    


– Ms Alfaraon


“This term brings about an important change to topics taught during history classes in the IEC. In order to prepare IEC students for studying history in high schools, IEC students are studying the same topics that is studied at the same stage. For the first time in the IEC, students in Stage 4 history classes are studying about the Vikings in the Western and Islamic World, while Stage 5 students are learning about the Industrial Revolution and Federation the Making of the Modern World and Australia. This will better prepare students for the topics and content that they will encounter in their future studies.”


– Mr Agcanas