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Please use the link below to access the Scholastic Books website.  All orders must be completed on line (ie. no cash or cheque payments) and are due by 9th of June.


Return to school - COVID-19

Children will sense the ‘not quite the sameness’. Students will be hit by the anticipatory anxiety of going out into a world that feels unsafe. Anticipatory anxiety will only be compounded by their innate desire to be near their parents and places of security when they feel distressed.

For parents:

  • Reluctance or refusal to go to school
  • Increased clinginess in the morning
  • Increased tearfulness
  • Poor sleep on nights before school
  • Temper tantrums on school mornings
  • Feeling sick: stomach aches, headaches and any other ache related to muscle tension (sore legs, jaws, etc.)
  • Please stay calm


For teachers:

  • Students being reluctant to leave their parents
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Hyperactive behaviours or withdrawn behaviours
  • Increased clinginess with teachers
  • Oppositional behaviours and refusal to do work
  • Behaviours more suited to an earlier age
  • Distractibility

We may be tempted to see these behaviours as signs of being naughty, attention seeking or just wanting to stay home because it is easier than school. Lessons from research into trauma and anxiety indicate that these behaviours have a far more primal and adaptive base. We’ve told our children that the outside world is dangerous. Right now the most sensible thing their little bodies can do is react to the invisible danger. Our children are on high alert. It also makes them easily distracted and unfocused. This makes your body hurt and feel sick. It is exhausting and your children will be constantly a little grumpy. Most children will be functioning this way a little bit, and many children will be in this mode a lot.


Dorothy Dullege

MPS Chaplain


State Schools' Relief -

2020 Prep CSEF Uniform Package

To be eligible to receive the 2020 Prep Uniform Package the student must be a Camps, Sports, Excursions Fund (CSEF) recipient.  For more details on what the package includes please refer to the links below. 


If you require a hard copy of the order form please contact the school office.






Camps, Sports, Excursions Fund (CSEF)


For those of you who have a Health Care Card, you may be entitled to the CSEF, a total of $125 per student which can be used to pay for camps, school sport, excursions, incursions etc.  See below for a copy of the application form.


If you have submitted a form in previous years and your details are unchanged, there is no need to resubmit for 2020.


If you are unable to print a copy, please ask for one at the office.



Just Brass 2020


Just Brass offers children a chance to learn a musical instrument and develop their potential as a leader in their peer group and local community.


As part of the program every student receives an instrument, music and weekly music lessons and the opportunity to play in a band.  Students are transported from partnering school to Salvation Army Centres for weekly band rehearsals.  bands cater for all levels of skill: beginners for those just starting out, junior for those a little down the track and intermediate or youth.


All activities are no, or low cost to ensure there are no barriers.


If you are interested please complete the registration form below or request a paper copy from the office.



Bendigo Bank School Banking



Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.