Students of the Week

The following students have been awarded certificates for the:

Two weeks ending Friday 12th June

Elise A (PA) - For her bravery and courage during her return to onsite learning.  Elise, we are so proud of the way you handled many changes.  You are a CHAMPION!

Aiva T (PA) - For all her wonderful achievements during her return to onsite learning. Aiva, you have worked very hard to produce your best work.  You are a SUPERSTAR!

Anahit B (PB) - For bouncing into school with kind words for others and a positive attitude. Anahit makes us smile each morning by saying so many thoughtful words to others. Thanks, Anahit!

Lacy I (PB) - For returning to onsite with such enthusiasm. Lacy, from the moment you walked into school you were keen to learn and try your Personal Best.  Thank you for bringing your big smile to school!

Sienna M (12A) - For always coming to school with a determined attitude and positive outlook. Sienna, we are so lucky to have you in our class and we’re so proud of your bravery and strength.

Jared A (12A) - For adapting to our new routines and school life with such energy and excitement. Jared, I’m so proud of how you have used your voice to ask for what you need and listen carefully to suggestions.

Marly M (12B) - For being such a positive, outgoing member of our class and motivating her peers to do their Personal Best.  Marly is a great role model and loves to share her work, which is always presented beautifully.  Keep it up, Marly.

Reya B (12B) - For identifying each session what 'zone' she is in and joining in more class activities with a positive mindset.  We love seeing your smiling face, Reya.

Nathan G (12C) - For showing Personal Best values in his classwork and being proactive in editing his writing.  Amazing work, Nate!

Joshua R (12C) - For displaying an enthusiastic attitude towards learning tasks and confidence to contribute to class activities and discussions.  Amazing work, Josh!

Kaiden A (34A) – For showing persistence and determination to complete his Guess My Number and book recommendation tasks to his Personal Best standard. I was so proud of the effort you put in. Great job, Kaiden!

Willow J (34A) – For the amazing work she did during Remote Learning. Willow asked questions to ensure she understood the task and constantly completed work to a high standard. You are a star, Willow! 

Thomas S (34B) - For putting your Personal Best into all your learning tasks.  You have done a magnificent job extending yourself and working hard to complete tasks to a high standard.  It has been wonderful to see you include outstanding vocab and write neatly in writing tasks.  Keep up the amazing effort!

Will E (56A) - For the wonderful maths work you have been producing in Remote Learning. Keep up the great problem solving.

Henry W (56A) - For putting in your Personal Best daily in Remote Learning.  It is always a joy to read your work.

Florence B (56B) - For being so helpful, energetic and hard working while she's been back at school.  You have worked hard remotely and it's been great having you back.

Jamieson T (56B) - For being a fun and happy presence in our WebEx meetings each week.  It's been great seeing you involve others and always suggesting ways to engage others.

Nika F (56C) - For applying herself fully to her remote learning tasks. Her work is always of a high standard.