Principal's Report

Week 2 Back At School

It has been great to have the school have a bit more noise and movement back over this past week. Our Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 students have started back smoothly and have re-settled into life at school. 


I again would like to thank our families for their work to make the return to school easy for everyone at drop off and pick up and it is wonderful to be able to have reduced the span of times for the staggered starts and pick ups. 


In looking at the survey sent around to Year 3-6 families last week, we have only 20 out of roughly 60 families who have responded to the survey outlining how they will be getting their child/ren to and from school.  It is really important that we have this information so that we can put the best information in place.  I will say at this time, that if your child is getting their own way to and from school (and this will include walking all the way to school with a parent) that they will be expected to be at school by 9am and will leave at 3:30pm - it is more the car parking situation we are looking to manage effectively. If you have not completed the survey please do so over the next day or so: 



I have sent around a survey about our families' experience with Remote Learning. This will give us a great insight into what this was like for your child and you at home. We are hoping to use what we have learnt from this experience and look at how we can improve what we do at school based on the many successes experienced during Remote Learning. I have asked if families are able to complete the survey in the next two weeks, which allows families who have children in only in Years 3-6 to also complete the questions about the return to school. 


If you can please take 10 minutes to provide us with your thoughts, that would be wonderful. 


Hardy Crescent Speed

Being on duty over the past week each morning and afternoon it has become clear that some drivers are not adhering to the speeds on Hardy Crescent. Most of the the street is 40km/h at all times as it is school zone, however the ends of Hardy Crescent are 50km/h. 


It is very simply a safety concern for families to be driving faster than this, no amount of being late or needing a car park more quickly is worth the result of an accident. 


For the safety of students, families and staff all drivers must stick to the speed limits.