Our final Lumina for 2021. It has been a pleasure telling the stories of the first year of our co-educational Catholic college. Our cover image this issue was taken at the 2022 ACC Leadership Launch at St Joseph's College in Geelong. Pictured from left to right is Deputy Principal Shaun Lancashire, 2022 College Co-captains Eliza Leyva McEnroe and Dominic Albrighton and Principal Terry Blizzard.  This image boasts the leadership opportunities we offer for girls at St Mary's College. This year, introducing Darcy Lynch, the first female to lead in this inter-school forum, who has paved the way for Eliza and other girls to follow. This image shows real life learning, where our students both girls and boys, learn together with compassion and action, building a better world for all. 


Blessings to your families for a safe and happy Christmas. 

Director of Development | Elaine Doyle

Issue 20 · 02 Dec 2021

Published by St Mary's College