Primary News


In the past fortnight, it has been wonderful to have the return of some onsite activities.

Primary Athletics Carnival

Primary Athletics Day was held on Friday 11 March. We were able to have all of the Primary students participate in a range of athletic events. The older students supported the Prep students with their activities at the beginning of the day.


Students came dressed in their house colours which added to the atmosphere. One of the highlights was to be able to have parents and family friends watching the athletics events. A huge thanks to Mr Zacc Klan for the enormous amount of organisation that goes into making days such as these such a great success. 

Bagus Kan! Incursion

Last week, the Bagus Kan Incursion was held for all of the students. Older students learnt to play some traditional Indonesian instruments while younger students learnt some dances from different parts of Indonesia.


At the end of the day, the primary students combined for the telling of a story with the students performing the dances that had been learnt and playing the instruments. Many of the students were dressed in beautiful costumes which added to the performance. We appreciate the effort that Mrs Robyn Sutomo put in to coordinate this incursion.

Whole School Assembly

The Whole School Assembly was held last Monday on the oval and the Primary Student Leaders were presented to the rest of the college. 

The Primary Student Leaders have been very busy all term carrying out their leadership responsibilities. An example of this was the ‘Flower Arranging Team’ led by the Hospitality Leader, Jasmine Versteegen. This team arranged ten beautiful vases of native flora for the New Parents’ Dinner and these arrangements were very impressive. 

Swimming Classes Update

It was unfortunate that the swimming classes were unable to run this week due to difficulties with staffing at the pool. Parents will be advised as to when the lessons may be rescheduled, as soon as we know.

GRIP Conference

The Year 6 Student Leaders will be attending the GRIP Leadership Conference in the city on Thursday 24 March.

Miss Sargood 1/2 Incursion

Next Monday 28 March, as part of the ‘Now and Then’ unit of study, Years 1/2 students will participate in an incursion when ‘Mrs Sargood’ visits and runs an old fashioned school. They will also be involved in some games and crafts from earlier days. Years 1/2 students are encouraged to dress up to match the occasion.

School Photos Next Week

Students in Prep to Year 9 will be having their photographs taken on Wednesday 30 March. Primary students need to wear their formal Summer uniform, even if they are timetabled to have PE on that day. 

Correct Uniforms

A reminder that if your child is out of uniform for any reason, then parents need to notify the class teacher.

Mother's Day Stall Organisers

Over many, many years the Primary School has had a very loyal group of mothers who have organised stalls for Mother’s Day even as their children went through secondary school. Now, their children have finished at Bayside and we really need to get a new team of parents who can step into this space. Karissa Gaskell is willing to support the new team as they learn the ropes, which involves sourcing gifts, setting up the stall and selling the gifts on the Friday prior to Mother’s Day. We would really like to get an enthusiastic team together. If you think that you would like to be involved, please contact me by Friday 1 April.

Classroom Helpers

We are now able to invite fully vaccinated adults to be classroom helpers. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher if you are able to help e.g. listen to reading. Before starting to help in the classroom, you need to do some classroom helpers’ training, if you haven’t done it in the past. A session will be run in G16 on Friday 1 April at 9:00am. It will go for approximately ten minutes. Participation by classroom helpers is greatly appreciated.


May God bless you,


Glenys Bailey - Head of Primary

Northern Division Swimming

Last Wednesday 16 March, Emily, Cody, Nathan, Quinn and Raphael from Primary School represented our school (as well as district) at the Northern Division Swimming Competition at Pines Forest Aquatic Centre. Congratulations. It was an amazing achievement and we are all so proud of your efforts! 

Zacc Klan - Primary PE Teacher

Prep Tiger Toast

Last week the Prep students made Tiger Toast as they studied the letter Tt. It was great practise spreading butter and vegemite onto a piece of bread and then adding stripes of cheese. Tiger Toast is an exciting Prep tradition that is makes letter Tt one of our favourites.


Donna Martin - Prep-Year 2 Coordinator

Year 3/4T Harmony Day

On Tuesday 22 March, Year 3/4T celebrated Harmony Day. It is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. We watched a slideshow about Harmony Day and we learned that no matter how different we are we can be friends.


We should share what we have in common. We can also be friends with someone who likes football and you like soccer. IT DOESN'T MATTER! After we saw the slide show we did a collaborative colouring in. It was really fun! 

When we were all finished we worked together to stick our pictures in order on our classroom window. If you go to F6 you will see the colourings made into a big picture by the students in 3/4T! 


What could you do to help make the world more harmonious? You could involve everyone in games. You could say kind words to everyone. You can help to make peace.


Miles & Cora-Mae - Year 3/4T Students

Years 5/6 Maths groups

Students creating a game that would help someone else understand place value. We look forward to playing the games!


Sara Wright - Primary Teacher