Deputy's Message

What a blessing it is to be able celebrate events as a community again. On Monday, we had the first whole school assembly in two years. And on Monday night, we welcomed new parents to Bayside at our special dinner event. This reminded me to be so grateful for what we took for granted for so long. 


Every chance to get together, to celebrate community, to partner with families, is a wonderful opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing you all around again as we look forward to other opportunities such as the community market at the end of the term. This event is open to all families so we hope you can join us.


The National Assessment Platform for Literacy and Numeracy is government required testing for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students each year. It tests students in Reading, Writing, Conventions of Language, and Numeracy. Results are reported to parents and the school and used to monitor student growth in learning.


Students will practice how to use the NAPLAN online platform in preparation for the tests which will be held from May 11-21 (Weeks 4 and 5) next term. Participation is compulsory for all students unless an exemption is applied for and granted. Parents must do this in consultation with the relevant Head of School.

Information regarding the tests will be sent home with students this week and is attached here for your reference. 

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the tests or your child's participation, please contact Glenys Bailey in Primary, or Joel Williamson in Secondary.


If parents wish to view the types of questions on the NAPLAN, or for students to become more comfortable and familiar with how to use the platform, samples are available at the NAPLAN website

School Times

The College strives to maintain the safety of all of our students. One way we do this is to supervise students' arrival and departures before and after school. Morning duty is from 8:35am. Afternoon duty finishes at 3:35 pm. 


Please endeavour to ensure your children are dropped off and collected within these times. 


At 3:35pm the playgrounds and courts are closed and students are expected to be collected and taken home by families. Some families desire to catch up after school. Please be mindful that you must be actively supervising your children and they are not permitted to play around the College after 3:35pm. Any students not with their parents/carers are expected to sit at the tables at A block (Secondary) or in the office (Primary).

Excursion Permissions

Due to a change in procedures, we are now required to collect permissions for each excursion. Teachers will send a parent letter with information about the excursion. To grant permission, please log into your SENTRAL parent portal and on the dashboard, you will see a notification that requires action.


Please grant the permission and update any details necessary, including current medications that will need to be taken on the day. Please note: the parent is assumed to be the primary contact. Sentral will ask you to check the emergency contacts for the day of the excursion if parents cannot be reached.

If you have difficulty, please contact ICT support for assistance in setting up or accessing your parent portal.

School Photos

Please be aware that school photo are just around the corner. Dates for the College are:

  • Monday 28 March - ELC4 Photo Day
  • Tuesday 29 March - Years 10-12 group and individual photos taken on North Campus and family photos where all students are on North Campus can also be taken on this day.
  • Wednesday 30 March - Prep to Year 9 group and individual photos taken on South Campus along with all remaining family photos.
  • Thursday 31 March - ELC4 Photo Day
  • Friday 1 April - 3-Year-Old ELC individual and class group photo.

All family photos must be prepaid. Order forms to be distributed soon so check bags regularly!

Many blessings,

Toni Steinbergs - Deputy Principal

Staff Profile: Leanne Wells

'My name is Leanne Wells and my role at Bayside is Daily Organiser - basically, I organise covers and CRTs to cover absent staff. As well as having my 4 children complete their schooling at Bayside from Prep to Year 12, my parents are one of the founding families of the College. So celebrating Bayside's 40 year anniversary this year is particularly significant to our family.


I'm looking forward to celebrating this milestone with the Bayside community and doing what I can to support our staff as they serve and teach our kids! When I'm not spending time with family and friends, I enjoy watching my kids play basketball, walking, watching movies and a bit of retail therapy!'