WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator

- Ms. Carmela Santucci

At the end of each term, Westall English Language Centre (WELC) farewells a group of students who have completed a minimum of 20 weeks studying English. On arrival to Australia, WELC is the first point of contact for most students. These students and their families see WELC as their springboard to their life in Australia. WELC offers support by providing a safe learning environment to ease the transition to a new school, a new country and learning in a new language.


A Graduation is held at the end of each term. This is an important event for students because they are acknowledged for their effort and progress in learning English. Students also acknowledge their time studying in the Language Centre and the many friends they have made. Often these friends will remain long term friends as they have a bond in sharing the initial experiences of arriving in Australia.


We would like to wish our exiting students success in their future studies. And to all our students, we hope you have a safe and restful term break.


Ms. Carmela Santucci

News from the Curriculum Coordinator

- Ms. Anna Kotsiou

Scienceworks excursion


As part of the Science unit on the ‘Solar System’ studied at WELC, all students and their teachers recently visited Scienceworks. There, they experienced the planetarium, which for many was the highlight of the day. While enjoying the comfort of the reclining seats, they viewed the show ‘Solar System Odyssey’, which took them on a wild ride through space, exploring how the worlds of our Solar System are alike and how they are different. This show enabled students to enhance their knowledge of the Solar System.


As well as their visit to the planetarium, students got to explore the recent ‘Beyond Perception’ exhibition, which covered topics including light and sound, gravitational waves and aerodynamics.


 As a follow up activity, Group 2 students completed a recount of the excursion.  Students were given the main events of the excursion and were required to sequence the events to form a four paragraph essay. As well as writing the events in full sentences and providing their own details, students practised using the simple past tense, by correctly changing the infinitive form of the verbs to their past tense form.



WELC Excursion to Scienceworks


On Friday 8th June all WELC students and teachers visited Scienceworks. We went there by coach. We left school at nine o’clock.


When we arrived at Scienceworks, we first went to the planetarium. There we sat on comfortable reclining seats and looked up at the domed ceiling and watched a show that explored our Solar System. I thought the show was interesting and I learned that the gas planets like Jupiter have no solid surface, so life does not exist there. Following the show, we saw a live presentation of the current night sky filled with thousands of stars. After that we went to have lunch at the amphitheatre.


After lunch we walked around the ‘Sportsworks’ exhibition. There we tested our strength, speed, balance and eye and hand coordination for particular sports. I liked the activity that tested my eye and hand coordination. In this activity I must catch the lights quickly. Then at one o’clock we explored the new ‘Beyond Perception’ exhibition. There we experienced amazing light and sound effects. Finally, at two o’clock we got back on the bus and returned to school.


Overall, we had an interesting and educational experience at Scienceworks.



Reading in WELC


As part of the New Arrival Program, WELC students have 2 reading classes every week.


In Group 3, students do Reading Eggs and Fry Sight words on their Ipads. Reading Eggs is a comprehensive online reading program which focuses on phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, vocabulary, comprehension and reading for meaning. Students work at their own pace in class and they are encouraged to use Reading Eggs at home to further improve their reading skills. The students also develop their speed and fluency in reading high-frequency words by using Fry Sight Words on their Ipads.


Pictured above, are Group 3 students using their iPads and their teachers listening to them read in class.


Ms. Esther Chow

WELC Teacher