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Camp Manyung

At camp, my group was the crabs, we did lots of fun activities but my favourite was the giant swing. It was AMAZING!!! 

I loved it so so so much!! Firstly when we were walking up there we were also excited, our camp instructor was already waiting for us. Once she showed all of us how to put the harness on, Lenka went first. Once she was all pulled up and ready to swing, a few moments later she pulled the rope and Lenka went flying. She was screaming so loud while looking at the view. I thought it would be so long till my turn but I was having lots of fun and people say that when you have fun time flies and before you know it, it was my turn!!!Sarah clipped me up and my group started pulling me up then I said stop and I pulled the rope and I went to soaring through the sky. I smelled our food cooking, I saw the beautiful view, I heard the wind rushing past my ears and I tasted the wind as I flew past. It was AMAZING!

By Benny


On Monday I went to the giant swing. It was HUGE! I had to get a helmet and goggles and a harness on. Even though I was scared I still went on anyway. It was super fun! Before I went on the giant swing I had to climb up a ladder and Sarah buckled me in and pushed me for a bit. Then she unbuckled me and I had to climb down the ladder. I had a great day. It was fun. 

By Indi


My heart was racing as we sprinted to the archery course. It was the last day, on Wednesday, 19th May. My group, the crabs, looked so very eager to just grab a bow and get some arrows to start shooting at the phone targets. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We sat down on the dusty wooden bench and listen to the archery instructor, Pepi. We couldn’t point any arrows at our teammates (which was reasonable I guess) and we had to bring the bow string up to our cheek. 

I got to go second for shooting. Okay, I’ve done this before. I can do this again, I thought to myself. I slowly walked to where the bow was hanging. I grabbed it and put my left foot in front of my right. I carefully positioned my arrow and pull the string up to my cheek. And I let go. My arrow flew and it’s stuck right in the white part of the target. I heard my friends cheer. I swelled up with pride. I loved doing archery so much at camp. It made me satisfied to hear the laughter, encouragement, twinning of the bow strings and a lot of gasps when Xanthe hit the gold on her second try. Archery was the best thing at camp.

By Willow



District Cross Country: 2021

Tuesday May 27 th May, Quambee  Reserve, Park Orchards.

Thank you to all students who represented Marlborough P. S competitively and with great sportsmanship. You should feel proud of your achievements.

 Marlborough P.S. was placed fifth overall, out of eight schools. 

The 11 year boys came 1st for their age group

This is a terrific achievement for a small school. The atmosphere was so optimistic.  😊

Thank you so much to staff, Simone Ryan, Nathan Baxter and Neil Butler, plus parent helpers Sonya Woods, Janet Kyriakos and Brooke Mackay.  You are all invaluable and so awesome! 

Also a big thank you to the dedicated support from other parent/ guardian supporters. 

I have the results of the following 9 students who made it through to Divisional Cross country.

Girls 9/10 : Lenka Woods : 4th overall : Amber Lanyon: 8th overall 

Girls 11  : Summer Wilde : 5th overall 

Girls 12/13 : Dove Allen : 5th overall 

Boys 9/10 : Jackson Pardon : 3rd overall

Boys 11 : Henry Woods : 6th overall :  Nick Ray 8th overall. 

Boys 12/13 :   Anton Di Battista : 9th overall:  Liam Baker : 10th overall. 

We wish them all the very best at the future event of   Divisional Cross Country:  Date to be confirmed. 


District Cross Country

by Dove Allen


And the crowd goes wild, well ours does!

On Tuesday the 25th of May 50 of our Marlborough students participated in district cross country at Quambee reserve. Our students did an outstanding job, both on the track and off. While their friends and classmates ran, the students who were not running cheered encouragement from the sidelines. One after another our students ran and presented us with outstanding results. Nine of our students even made it into divisionals: Lenka, Amber and Jackson from grade 3 and 4 and Henry, Nick, Liam Baker, Anton, Dove and Summer from grades 5 and 6. These students will run at Yarra Valley race course on a alter date. All in all our Marlborough students did an outstanding job, awarding us fifth place as a school.

Great Job Marlborough!



Thursday May 27th,  SEDA students from Hawthorn East campus conducted an AFL / Basketball clinic with 5/6 students, 3 /4 students and 1/2 students during their Specialists timetable. Most sessions lasted for one and a half hours. The students learnt the skills of Handball and Kicking for AFL. Shooting and Dribbling for Basketball.

The students enjoyed the participation and interaction with the SEDA Coaches despite the horrid weather conditions. The day was freezing with bitter cold winds, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of Marlborough students. They all participated actively. Thank you to all staff who also braved the cold temperatures and participated with gusto. Unfortunately the heavens did open during out 5/6 session and we had to pack up early due to the weather. 



Free Dress Day and Bake Sale

On a date to be confirmed you are invited to wear casual clothes, please bring a gold coin donation. You can also purchase homemade baked goods to help raise funds for the Grade 6 Graduation night.

Baked goods will be available at the canteen at recess. Items will be $1 and $2.



Did You know Marlborough has a new School Chaplain?

Hi, I’m Melissa Moore. I am the New School Chaplain here at Marlborough Primary School. With my husband Pete and my twin boys Xavier and Christian, I recently moved from Canberra.  

I am a teacher with 18 years experience and qualified with a Masters of Counselling.  I am ready and willing to have a chat with you and would love to work with you, your family or child/children. 

Attached is a Consent Form that will need to be completed and returned if you would like me to spend any 1:1 time with your child/children.

​Please pop in and say Hi anytime.  I am available Mondays and Tuesdays (8:00 – 4:00) and Wednesday (9:30 – 2:30)

I  have also attached some other Information for you to have a look at.







Camps, Sports, Excursions Fund

For those families who have a current Health Care Card in the name of a parent/guardian, you are entitled to $125 from the Camps, Sports, Excursions Fund.  If you have received this through MPS previously and your details are unchanged you do not have to submit an new form.


For those who are new to MPS or have changed details since last year, please fill out the attached form and return to the school office as soon as possible.  Hard copy forms are available at the office also.




2021 Instrumental Music

Expression of interest forms. Please see below for a copy