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Date Issued:  30 July 2020

Merbein P-10 College

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Phone 0350252501.


Last week, and based on the latest in scientific study, it was announced that face coverings would be mandatory in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire. Today, and in line with the advice of the Chief Health Officer, it was announced that the same requirement will apply across regional Victoria. That means from Sunday 2 August at 11:59pm, a face covering will be mandatory whenever you leave home – and wherever you live.


As a result all students in Years 7- 10 at Merbein P-10 College will be required to wear a mask as they travel to school (unless they are travelling alone in a vehicle or with members of their household) and throughout the school day from Monday 3rd August, until further notice. Under the government guidelines, primary students do not need to wear a mask.

Teachers and Education Support staff will not be required to wear face coverings while teaching, but those who wish to do so, can. Teachers will wear face coverings in other areas of the school when not teaching (for example, in the staffroom, on yard duty and when providing first aid), and when travelling to and from school (unless they are travelling alone in a vehicle or with members of their household).




4th - Tuesday

Gd 2/3 Biome excursion.  Notes and money

due back tomorrow.


24th - Tuesday to 27th - Friday

5/6 Melbourne Camp - CANCELLED


2020 Term Dates

Term 1: 29/01/20 - 27/03/20

Term 2: 14/04/20 - 26/06/20

Term 3: 13/07/20 - 18/09/20

Term 4: 05/10/20 - 18/12/20


The 2020 Primary Intensive Swimming Program was booked for August this year, however given the current COVID-19 restrictions this program will not go ahead this year.





Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. 

Students learn new things at school every day – missing school puts them behind. 


Why it’s important

We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day.

Students develop good habits by going to school every day – habits that are necessary to succeed after school, whether in the workplace or in further study.

Missing school can have a big impact on students academically and socially. It can affect their test results and, just as importantly, it can affect their relationships with other students, and lead to social isolation.

There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes.

Each missed day is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing and reading, falling behind in subject topics and assessment tasks. 

Getting in early

It’s never too late to improve attendance. Even in the secondary years, when school can seem the most challenging for students and when attendance rates can be at their lowest,  going to school more often can make a big difference. Every day counts- even in the early years of primary school. 

Schools are there to help – if you’re having attendance issues with your child, speak to your child’s Learning Centre Leader or Rob Morgan about ways to address these issues and gain some support.

In Victoria school is compulsory for children and young people aged 6 – 17 years

Student Absences 

The main reasons for absence are:

Sickness – There are always times when students need to miss school, such as when they’re ill. It’s vital that they’re only away on the days they are genuinely sick, and setting good sleep patterns, eating well and exercising regularly can make a big difference.

Family holidays - It's vital that holidays are planned during school holidays where possible, and not during the term. If you are planning to go on holiday during term time, make sure that you talk to your school in advance, and work with them to develop an absence learning plan.

Day off” – Think twice before letting your teenager have a “day off” as they could fall behind their classmates – every day counts.

Truancy – This is when students choose not to go to school without their parent’s permission or skip out of school during the day. There can be many reasons for truancy; the best way to address this is for schools and parents to work together.

While all absences can effect academic performance, DET’s statistics show that unexcused absences are a much stronger indicator of lower reading and maths achievement.

School refusal - School refusing children experience significant emotional distress not only when going to school but also at the thought of going to school; they may be absent from school for weeks or even months at a time. School refusal differs from truancy as children generally stay home with the knowledge of the parents and despite their best efforts to encourage their child to go to school. 

Being away from school for 1 day a fortnight equals missing 1.5 years over 13 years of school

If for any reason your child must miss school, there are things you can do with the school to ensure they don’t fall behind:

  • Inform the school via your  child’s Form/Home teacher or Learning Centre Leader
  • Find out what work your child needs to do to keep up.
  • Develop an absence learning plan with your child’s teacher/s and ensure they complete the plan.

Remember, every day counts. If your child must miss school, speak with your home room teacher or Learning Centre Leader as early as possible.

Openly communicating with the school about all absences is a good way to prevent attendance issues being escalated to a School Attendance Officer. A School Attendance Officer is a Department of Education and Training Regional Director who has authority to follow up attendance issues. Chronic or ongoing attendance issues that are escalated can lead to an Infringement Notice being issued to parent/s.

If you’re having attendance issues with your child, please let the school know so we can work together to get your child to school every day.

Top attendance tips for parents

  • The school wants to work in partnership with parents – act early if you have any concerns by contacting the school and asking for advice and support
  • Remember that every day counts
  • There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes and their social connectedness
  • Talk positively about school and the importance of attending every day
  • Open and prompt communication with the school about all absences is a good idea
  • Avoid making routine medical and dental appointments during the school day or planning family holidays during the term
  • Seek help from the school if you are concerned about your child’s attendance and wellbeing. The school wants to work in partnership with parents to support student attendance and well being.


The school has changed our bank account to our local Merbein Community Bendigo Bank. If you direct deposit amounts into the school bank account please update the details that you currently use to the following

BSB Acc Number - 176208320

Account Name - Merbein P-10 College

If you currently use Bpay to pay amounts to the school these details will remain the same. The old school account will remain open for the time being to ensure all receipts and payments are cleared.