From the Library,

Library Co-ordinator

Scholastic Book Club Issue 5, 2020. 


Dear CJC Community.  We normally run book club 3 times per year (instead of the 8 times available).  This year, I have made Book Club available more frequently because our library is not open as yet. For this issue, I have set up for home delivery again, this comes with it a cost of $5.99 delivery.  I apologise, but cannot organise it another way at present.


We also normally hold a book fair this term.  It will be a virtual book fair this time, in several weeks. Information will come out closer to the date.


The Scholastic Book Club catalogue is available to view online now.


My tip from this catalogue - I have ordered some copies of Wolf Girl 2 for the library but this series is proving to be very popular. If your child liked the first book, then that is the one I would purchase from this catalogue.


We have just received a delivery of the CBCA shortlisted books for 2020. Plenty of new interesting reads for the students when we return to on-site school.


Trudy Warman