From Our Principal,

Chris Chant

Arriving at school this morning was a challenging and interesting experience. It was difficult to find the school... all shrouded in fog and hidden away. 


Our return to Remote and Flexible Learning comes at a time when the community is under even greater pressures due to the rising tally of COVID – 19 infections. Many families have had significant changes to their employment, finances are under real pressure and our lifestyles have never experienced the restrictions currently in place.


Many families have collected their allocated devices and the children have collected their curriculum resources that they will use as the second round of Remote and Flexible Learning commences this coming Monday.


We will continue to use COMPASS as the main messaging system and each update or message will contain important information for our families. Each week we will send out two newsletters to ensure there is a steady stream of information and resources arriving for families and the community.


Many thanks to all our staff who have worked their way through all the challenges associated with preparing for the work being shared over the coming weeks.


For many families Remote and Flexible Learning at home creates a whole range of issues and challenges as they work alongside their children. I would like all families to adopt a positive attitude, greet each hurdle with a smile, and then celebrate each small victory with a smile. Do what you can, create an expectation of your child that they can engage in the work and remember that many of you will not have an education background. The Remote and Flexible Learning Program at home is not a contest; it is an opportunity to have a great experience learning with your child.


Please contact the class teacher if you have any issues or concerns around any aspect of the Remote and Flexible Learning program.


There will be many modifications, additions and adaptations to the program from our first attempts at the online learning journey. These changes will improve the experience for all users and for the teaching staff.


We have a new addition on our website and the new Remote and Flexible Learning button will allow the community to access a range of resources and websites that will support their child at home and answer any questions that arise during the day-to-day learning program. Staff will update this space on a regular basis and we encourage everyone to take a short tour and familiarise themselves with the content.


Children arriving at the school on Monday for the Essential Services Program need to arrive at 8.45 am and their supervised program will commence at 9.00 am. All students need to be in uniform, with a drink bottle and their lunch and recess snack each day in their school bags.


School Council meets on Monday night and they will participate in an online presentation around the work undertaken to this point with the master plan for the school. Our architects will make a short presentation and update Council around the ideas and directions determined to this point. There will be opportunities for the community to make further contributions as the process continues. My thanks to the hardworking master plan committee who have guided the process, attended the meetings and provided a range of positive inputs at each weekly meeting.



Over the recent extended break from school we have refurbished the Library administration space to create three new enclosed work spaces and a climate controlled server room facility. These improvements continue the delivery of a school wide strategy that aims to upgrade spaces for students, staff and the community.