From the Deputy Principal

Jason Fay

Kath Murdoch

St Paul has continued its partnership with ‘Inquiry Learning Guru’ Kath Murdoch. Kath is a leading figure in Inquiry Learning and quite possibly the leading expert in this field globally.


Our teachers were very excited to see Kath in classrooms last week as she ran a series of learning labs in classrooms. A particular focus was the process of tuning in at the beginning of a unit. Kath ran sessions with Reception, Year 4 and Year 5 classes, with 6-8 staff members in the room observing. Teachers also had 30 minutes with Kath pre and post lesson to debrief and ask questions. The day then finished with a staff meeting about the beginning of the planning process. Deep units of inquiry. A fascinating and productive day for teachers. 

Student Teachers 

Over the next 6 weeks St Paul will play host to 4 final year student teachers. Dayna Higginbottom (Rec Gracey), Hannah Kodele (3 Brokate) Brian Ly (3 Burgan) and Kristina Pizhevskyy (4 Bakewell) will complete their final classroom placements here before graduating. For the bulk of their placements, these pre-service teachers will be the lead teacher in the classroom, with their host teachers team teaching or spending time with children in the learning process. We wish them all the best with their placements.