From the Principal

Leila Mattner 


Last night was a huge opportunity for the Year 5 and 6 children to perform at the Norwood Town Hall for the Wakakirri National Story-Dance Festival. The experience of many months of planning and rehearsals at school, and a full dress rehearsal during the day at the venue, culminated in a spectacular evening performance. 


Thank you to all parents and caregivers, as well as extended family volunteers who supported with costumes, props and sets. A particular thank you to our staff team who spent many, many hours preparing both in work time and personal time. Their commitment to our performing arts program is massive. 

It was a privilege to watch such a well-rehearsed performance last night, with all children staying in character right until the end. Congratulations to all Year 5 and 6 children!

Staffing Announcements

Congratulations to Henry Sheedy and his wife, Tess, on the arrival of first child, Albert (Alby) last week. Alby, mum and dad are all doing well. Many blessings to them as they spend time together as a new family.


Welcome (back) to Gretchen Watkins who joins us in Year 1 during Henry Sheedy’s leave. Gretchen has made a temporary return from parenting leave to work with our Year 1s for the next 4 weeks. Welcome Gretchen!

You’ve Got Yoghurt in Your Nostrils

Congratulations to St Paul parent and staff member, Bethany Clark, on the successful launch of her picture book over the weekend: You’ve Got Yoghurt in Your Nostrils, written by Bethany Clark and illustrated by Sara Acton. We are very excited to have our very own author on site!! Copies are on sale now at bookstores, as well as Big W and Target. Bethany would be very happy to share more about her book with you, and of course to sign your copy if you bring it in!