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Chinese Excursion to Visit the Eureka Tower


On a pleasant sunny Friday, our Chinese class went to the city to view the Eureka Tower as there displayed all the information in the language. We arrived at 10:00 am when the heat was beginning to rise. After a surprisingly long wait, we got into the elevator. It was extremely quick, as it lifted us 9 metres per second! In just a few seconds, we moved up to the second highest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Our ears rang from the imbalance of air pressure.


Once we reached the 88th floor—the Eureka Skydeck, the panoramic sight was truly marvellous. From the protruding glass cubes, we could see so many famous landmarks such as the Yarra River, Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, etc. You can even see the ocean and the faraway Dandenong Ranges. Once we have finished sight-seeing, filling in our worksheet and taking a numerous amount of photos, we got to take a stroll around the city, eat delicious foods. We even tasted bubble tea – how nice of Ms Zeng to take us try so.


The majority of people would be questioning, "What does the Eureka Tower have to do with Chinese?" Well, our class has been writing an essay about the Eureka Tower. In Chinese, the Eureka Tower is '尤利卡观光塔'. We happily learnt that Eureka Tower is named after “Eureka Rebellion” which was a fight united by Australian and Chinese miners against the government. We also have to make a presentation about it, so we took pictures at the site for our presentation. Although most of us had already been to the well-known landmark, it was an enjoyable and nostalgic trip to revisit.


Tien Vu