Senior School Report

Message from the Senior School

On Behalf of the Senior School Team, we would like to welcome all students and parents to an exciting 2019, and look forward to a number of amazing activities and events that will enrich the lives of our students. We also want to encourage all students to achieve their very best and we look forward to celebrating your successes. Our goal is to strengthen our learning community through team work and collaboration. 


Year 12 Coordinator:

Freda Gatios -


Year 11 Coordinator

Jared Bandara -



VCAL Coordinator

 Rochelle Travitz -

New Senior School Processes

5-Minute Lockout Rule

As of Head Start last year, teachers have been exercising this rule. The objective is to develop punctuality in our young people. This is a key life skill for success in school and beyond. We are pleased to report that fewer students are facing the consequences as a result of being late. We encourage parents to reinforce the importance of punctuality with their children.


Rescheduled SAC Process

Students absent for a School Assessed Coursework (SAC) task, are now required to complete an application with their Coordinator to reschedule the SAC. The Coordinator will determine when the student will complete the SAC, which will usually be during VCE Study Space on Wednesday afternoon. Whether or not the SAC is graded or scored, will also be determined by the Coordinator, based on the evidence provided by student.

Students have been issued with their SAC dates, and it is expected that they make every effort to attend on the day of the scheduled SAC wherever possible.

Senior School Information Night

VCE and VCAL information sessions were held in Week 3 to provide parents with the college and VCAA policies and procedures. Disappointingly, we did not have a great turnout. All students studying a VCE subject need to familiarise themselves with the requirements for satisfactory completion; this includes Year 10 students doing a Unit 1/2 subject. The rules for Unit 3/4 have further restrictions. The presentations delivered at the information sessions are available to view in Compass: School Documentation / Compass / Parents / Information Night.

Special Provision

A student may be eligible for Special Provision (special consideration) if, at any time while studying the VCE, he/she is adversely affected in a significant way by:

  1. Illness (physical or psychological)
  2. Any factors relating to personal environment
  3. An impairment or disability, including learning disabilities

Some examples of Special Provision allowances for completion of school assessments are:

  • Rescheduling school-based assessment tasks
  • Extra time to complete assessment tasks
  • Replacing a task with a task of a different kind
  • Using a single task to assess more than one of the learning outcomes
  • Using technology e.g. laptops, aides or other special arrangements
  • Extensions of time to complete folio and production items

Applications for Special Provision for SACs/SATs should be made to the Year Level Coordinator. If you think that your child may be eligible, please contact Mr Bandara (Yr 11) or Ms Gatsios (Yr 12).

Message from the Year 12 Coordinator -


Ms. Freda Gatsios

Welcome to Year 12 2019!




The Year 12 Camp took place on the 4th to 6th of February at CYC on Collins. Students were impressed with the venue. Many were pleasantly surprised by what they saw when we reached our destination. The accommodation, food and space proved to be a hit amongst the Year 12s. Even being able to control the air conditioners in their own rooms was a highlight, however, some students still needed to figure out how to turn on the air con, instead of the heater!


Students enjoyed the scheduled sessions. Darren Pereira was a highlight, helping motivate students to be better prepared for VCE, including encouraging students to take a selfie with their goals (ATAR scores). Ms Simadri, the school captains and leaders provided information sessions about the VCE and how to prepare for exams. The VCAL students completed group work within Melbourne’s CBD.


Overall, students enjoyed their time on camp; not only do they feel more equipped for their VCE, but they enjoyed the activities, especially the evening ones. Thanks to the staff who attended and the students for making it a memorable couple of days.


P.S. No one will ever forget how many packets of noodles were actually consumed over those 2 ½ days!

Message from the Year 11 Coordinator - 


Mr. Jared Bandara

The Year 11 Program was at the modern, technology-rich education centre at Monash University, Clayton Campus. Students were great, well behaved and displayed a positive level of engagement in all activities.            The sessions included team-building, study skills workshops and seminars, highlighting the valuable skills, attitudes and practices that are needed to ensure that students remain on track throughout Year 11. The skills, designed to support the students’ personal and academic growth, included organisation, time management, prioritising, personal strengths and abilities, mindfulness, communication and study skills. The Year 11s were also very privileged to have external organisations, ‘Coach Approach’, ‘Monash University’ and ‘Monash Storyboarding’, support the camp and run events around self-defence, personal development, story-telling, ICT skills and personal challenges. Finally, we were extremely lucky to be able to expose our students to the amazing facilities that Monash University has to offer, inspiring them to strive for the outcomes that will support their ability to pursue higher education.

Captains' Corner

Angie Koeng and Sally Maele

The class of 2019 had so much fun at camp. There were many useful study tips that we are now able to use in order to help us throughout the year. The 3 days spent with our peers and teachers helped us to form stronger relationships and enabled us to get out of our comfort zone and get to know other people more. A special shout-out to the teachers who patiently waited for us outside the stores during our night walks, despite their tiredness! Overall, we’re lucky and thankful for the opportunity to experience this first-time event.


In addition, Year 12 started off very fast with so little time to adjust, with the students trying their best to catch up to the fast pace of the classes and adjust to their new schedule. With the approaching Harmony Day assembly and the Year 12 Formal, everyone is buzzing with excitement, practising for their very last harmony day performance, as well as thinking of what they will wear for their once in a lifetime formal! A special thank you to the senior school staff for being patient with us while we are trying to adjust to the change. Hope we all have a wonderful year ahead of us with joyous memory that will, no doubt, be the highlight of our last year at school!