Brigidine College Indooroopilly

Preparing for the 90th Year Anniversary

To celebrate their upcoming 90th Anniversary, Brigidine College was presented with a very special gift from craftswoman Caroline Smith. In 2017, during the Kildare Ministries Pilgrimage in Ireland, Deputy Principal Mission, Andrew Beiers and Business Manager, Claudia Mathews met Caroline, and so began the story of the creation of this Crozier. 

Caroline spent almost 100 hours crafting this beautiful symbolic piece for the College, to celebrate our 90th Anniversary. The 90 year old River Red Gum used in this piece was selected for its indigenous connection to our land, the crook is made from Tasmanian Oak, representing our past. The Oak tree is symbolic, as it was planted by Daniel Delany in Kildare, Ireland and was also the place that St Brigid founded a monastery. The Staff has, at its heart, a stainless-steel rod that reinforces and strengthens the timber. It has an inner strength and resilience. It is both rigid and flexible; yet on the outside, is very delicate and fragile – much like ourselves. 

The Crook, made up of many thin layers, has been carefully sculpted into a gentle curve leading to carvings of the St Brigid’s Cross on both sides. The Glendalough Celtic Cross, featured on both sides of the centre piece, is the most ancient and powerful of symbols. A Bishop’s Crozier takes its form from a shepherd’s crook. It symbolises Christ, as the Good Shepherd, caring for his flock by using the staff to encourage his flock along the right path, and the curved crook to draw back those who stray. The “rod and staff” were used to protect, guide and lead.

Kilbreda College 


​New Auditorium Opening

On Monday 15 October, a wonderful and fitting celebration took place to open and bless the new auditorium at Kilbreda College. In opening this auditorium,  the College proudly recognised over 114 years of education in the Brigidine Tradition. The College welcomed members of Kildare Ministries, the Brigidine Community, past principals of Kilbreda College, staff, students and their families, past pupils and those who have generously sponsored seats in the new auditorium. 


Guests gathered for light refreshments in the Kildare Centre where Kilbreda’s very talented String Ensemble entertained them. 


Co-Principal Nicole Mangelsdorf commenced proceedings in the auditorium with the blessing ceremony led by Rev Dr Michael McEntee, Parish Priest of Mentone and Parkdale. Father McEntee led the blessing of the auditorium with a prayer and a reflection. The auditorium was officially opened by Sr Maree Marsh csb and Rosemary Copeland, Co-chairs of the Kildare Ministries Trustees. 


This was followed by a celebratory concert that showcased the many talents of Kilbreda College students both past and present. Hosts for the evening were Kilbreda’s College Co-Captains, Eliza and Katherine. The audience were then treated to a variety of musical and dance performances from over seventy students across the year levels. Some of the many highlights of the evening was having past pupils Amanda and Samantha Hargreaves return to the College to perform Somewhere Over the Rainbow from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and the classical piece Les Berceaux by Gabriel Fauré. 


“Congratulations on a great opening of your auditorium last evening. It was beautifully managed and presented. So many talented students!” -Michael Doyle, Chair of the Kildare Education Ministries Board.