Land Transfer Rituals

Killester College - 17th September 2018

Term 3 culminated with the beautiful and significant transfer of land ownership from the Brigidine Sisters to Kildare Ministries on Monday 17th September. This event commenced with an inclusive liturgy, where we were proud to host many Brigidines, three past Principals of Killester, members of the Stewardship Council and board members and staff from Kildare Ministries. The service featured a symbolic and profound transferring of soil from the ground here at Killester, to the roots of a new tree, that signified this exciting new beginning for the future of our school. The enormous contribution of spirit, culture and leadership by the Brigidines over the past 63 years was acknowledged and appreciated by all members of our current community; students, parents and staff. The shared lunch, music and games that followed encapsulated the spirit of Brigid in the hospitality, celebration and hopefulness felt by all as we marked this momentous event. Year 7, 8 and 9 students received the Kildare Ministries badge and, fittingly, Brigid House won the “Old School Games” Trophy. It was a simply delightful atmosphere, as the past, present and future came together on our oval enjoying the sun, the food and the activities.

Leanne DiStefano - Principal


Clonard College - 21st September 2018

We remain ever grateful for the wonderful celebration that we had at the conclusion of last term that marked not only Brigidine Day, but the time when the Brigidine Sisters officially transferred ownership of the College to the Trustees of Kildare Ministries. We had many Brigidine Sisters present with us to mark this historic occasion.  I mentioned the following in my speech on the day:

“As the Brigidine Sisters hand over the Stewardship of Clonard College, we say thank you. We would not be the community that we are today if it were not for you and those gone before you and the life of Service that has allowed our community to flourish.”

On the last day of term we also had the opportunity to officially open the Brigidine Centre. We have been blessed with a wonderful facility that will serve our students and staff well for many years to come. On the day I acknowledged the $1.5 million contribution of the $5.5 million cost that had been contributed by the Commonwealth Government. Hon Sarah Henderson, Federal Member for Corangamite, joined us on the day to open the building. A feature of this new building is the wonderful stained glass depiction of Brigidine symbolism that was designed by Sr Reba Woodwiss (past Principal and staff member).

Damian McKew - Principal