Georgia Cox

A nurse on the front-line

This pandemic has turned everybody’s lives upside down and forced us to adapt to changes quickly. 2020 has been far from a walk in the park and quite the opposite of how I’d imagined me spending my year. I’d hoped me along side my A grade netballers, would’ve been defending our title as reining premiers and celebrating another flag at the end of the season. However, covid-19 had other plans installed for us. 


Being a nurse myself at Frankston hospital in the cardiac unit, I’ve been thrown in the deep end in the fight against covid-19. I’ve had to adapt rapidly everyday to new policies and clinical and infection control developments. I think I speak on behalf of my colleagues and all nurses when I say these last 8 months have been the most challenging and heartbreaking times we have faced. We’ve watched patients suffer alone from an unpredictable, cruel and frightening invisible illness that doesn’t discriminate in age, gender or race. From being covered head to toe in personal protective equipment (PPE), barely being able to breath or see, we’ve had to deliver care to so many critically ill patients who want nothing more than to be at home in the arms of their loved ones. I alongside my fellow nurses and friends have worked ourselves into the ground just to ensure that there are enough staff to care for the increasing acuity of patients and  that our team feels supported and are able to tackle what ever the day may throws at us. It has been exhausting to say the least. With constant worrying about bringing the virus home to our loved ones, and spreading it to those closest to us. And with no end in sight, it’s hard to imagine life returning to normal in Victoria and on our cardiac unit. 


Despite all the doom and gloom of this year, it hasn’t been all work and no play. It’s important for all healthcare workers to have a life outside the clinical world and rest and recharge as you can’t poor from an empty cup. Fortunately for myself, I have moved out of home with my best friend and fellow A grader Shaye. And boy have we been having fun. Apart from missing netball and the CPFNC community, we’ve been drinking far too many beers and indulging in life’s many pleasures. All while abiding by the isolation rules of course. We’ve taken up a few new hobbies including chess, darts and the odd djying sessions (before you ask, yes we will play a set at the next function). Shaye, myself and Wally (our dog) are counting down the days until we can reunite at the nest and share a couple couplas with the best. We’re sending all our love and support to everyone at the club and beyond. We’re all in this battle together, let’s stay apart so we can stay together and see the end of this horrendous pandemic. 


Flap flap, swoop swoop. 


Georgia x